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Netflix’s Warrior Nun Season 2: More Drama than Before

Warrior Nun Season 2

The sequel to the popular anime series, “Warrior Nun: Season 2,” is finally being released, and fans are excited. It has been a long time coming, but luckily we don’t have to wait any longer! The first season of Warrior Nun was filled with drama that had us all on the edge of our seats, so what kind of story can we expect in this second season? We discuss some possible storylines below.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Release Details:

The next season of Warrior Nun may not debut until late 2021, but fans of the show are grateful that there is a good chance it will return at all.

The last time we saw Sister Teresa was in July 2020, during the first season’s finale on Netflix. And while this past weekend marks the end of production for Season 2 in Spain, not much about filming for what could be as early as fall 2021 has been confirmed yet.

It’s hard to say how long it will take to film these forthcoming episodes. That assumes that things in Spain start getting better, as cases are increasing again during its third wave.


Warrior Nun Season 2 Cast Details:

With the series renewed for season two, it’s safe to say that the Warrior Sisters are coming back. Expect to see more of sister Ava (Alba Baptista), Shotgun Mary (Toya Turner), Sister Lilith (Lorena Andrea), and Sister Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young) than ever before. Get ready for two seasons of battling demons alongside these sisters!

The show should also bring back Tristan Ulloa and Sylvia De Fanti, the actors portraying Father Vincent and Mother Superion. In addition to this, Adriel’s (William Miller) role in Season 2 could be increased as he was revealed at the end of Season 1 to be playing a pivotal role.

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Even though Ava is moving into the heavenly world, people like JC won’t be absent in this earthly realm. Entertainment Weekly says the team behind Warrior Nun always wants a balance of mythology and reality.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Plot Synopsis:

Netflix is ending Warriors Nun Season 1 with a literal cliffhanger, but it was revealed earlier this week that the legend at the center of their Order is actually an original sin and not a heavenly one.


It’s been centuries since Adriel has stolen Heaven’s own halo, and long-buried truths have brought things to a head for the nuns struggling to keep their Order alive.

In last season’s finale, the Warriors are faced with a new evil force on the loose who has been holding them off for years. In addition to hunting this ancient entity, they must also confront their history and beliefs.

The show is just beginning its second season, but it sounds like the main characters are embarking on a long journey. As evidenced by recent developments, Barry said, “Can they exist in the way they did before?”

The nun’s order is not allowed to rebuild because of the tragedy, at a time when they are in need of it most.


Star Alba Baptista teased big plans for Season 2 and beyond in an interview with Refinery29: “There’s going to be a big, big reveal for an eventual season 2. It was well-thought-out. It wasn’t just an accident. “

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