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The One Season 2: Everything You need to know

The One Season 2

The One: Season 2, starring Hannah Ware and Joel Kinnaman, reunites with the captivating, sci-fi love story.

There is something poetic about suffering through a loss and then finding it again because you never really lose anything that was truly yours, to begin with. That’s what happens in The One: Season Two.”

The series picks up where season one left off, with Sarah as the sole survivor of a terrorist attack that killed her husband and daughter. Struggling to get by in the aftermath, she is “The One’s” catalyst for change.”

“At a time when we are all just trying to live our lives, Sarah is the one person who knows she was chosen for something more.”



“The One is an intense sci-fi love story about a group of people who represent the best of humanity and are chosen by fate to be reunited with their loved ones. It follows ‘the one’ as they cross paths in this life ultimately destined for each other.”

Sarah (Hannah Ware) wakes up at a truck stop to find that she is the only survivor of an explosion. When her husband and daughter are killed, Sarah has no choice but to search for meaning in her life.”

“At first, it seems like all hope is lost when we watch as Sarah struggles with carrying on after such loss. But what starts out as a bleak story becomes a story of determination and courage. Sarah finds love in the most unlikely place – her therapist.”

“In a world where there is no such thing as destiny, they become The One who carries on with the hope that we can find our way to each other again.”


Plot Summary

The One is an intense sci-fi love story that takes place in a world where love has been eradicated. The One is about Sarah (Hannah Ware) and her daughter, who are both killed after an explosion at the truck stop they work at. When she begins to search for meaning in her life, it’s revealed that she had lost all hope until she meets Chris (“The One” – played by Moses Valles) in therapy. Chris is a survivor of the explosion, but he’s lost his memory and believes she killed him.

The One Season 2: Release Date & Story Details | Screen Rant

Source: Screen

The One: Season two picks up when Sarah is visited by the mysterious Rayna (played by Erica Cerra), who tells her that she’s about to have a new journey. She learns of an unlikely place called “Home” and also finds out that it has been taken over by people called The Ones, but these ones are all bad!

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The One: Season Two release date

If Netflix greenlights the production of season two, it will most likely begin in the second half of 2021. We can expect the new season in March 2022.

The One: Season 2 Story Details

Season one ends with Matheus plotting against Rebecca and recording her as she admits to Ben. Matheus is in search of Rebecca so she can be punished for her crimes. Meanwhile, Sarah and Alex are still trying to rebuild the Home with new people who have escaped from The Ones’ clutches. We will also get introduced to a few more characters, including a mysterious woman who will be Matheus’s love interest.

Rebecca’s fate

Rebecca is the protagonist of the new series. She has been in search of her true love, Ben, and this was a constant throughout season one as well. However, she did not know that he had already died before they could reunite again. The finale left with Rebecca being shot by Matheus, but it wasn’t clear if she would live or die.


Season Two will focus on Matheus’ relentless search for Rebecca to punish her and the story of Sarah, who is still rebuilding Home with new people that have escaped from The Ones’ clutches.

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