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Nightmare Alley Movie: Who is In it, When Was It Released and What’s the Plot


Nightmare Alley is a 1947 film about a carnival barker who is haunted by his past. It stars Tyrone Power, Joan Blondell, and Coleen Gray in the lead roles. The movie was directed by Edmund Goulding, based on the novel of the same name written by William Lindsay Gresham. As far as movies go, it’s not one that you would find very often or easily but if you’re interested in watching this particular film, then read on for some more information!

What is the “Nightmare Alley”?

The movie is about the main character, Eddie (played by Tyrone Power), who falls into a life of fraud and deceit. He begins as an innocent man from small-town America that goes to work at Coney Island, which was then very popular with carnival barkers. In his spare time, he meets Evelyn (Joan Blondell), who becomes interested in him for what she can get out of the relationship… but not before they have a one-night stand first! The next day Evelyn tells her boyfriend Danny how she found herself naked on top of Eddie’s bed after blacking out during their sexual encounter the previous evening.

What is the plot of the “Nightmare Alley”?

The plot of Nightmare Alley revolves around an ambitious carnie named Johnny Jones (Tyrone Power) who falls into work at Blackie Farrell’s (Tom Conway) traveling show but ultimately becomes frustrated with not being able to make a living and starts to practice magic tricks on the side.

He also begins an affair with Blackie’s wife (Joan Blondell), which eventually leads to him being framed for her murder. Johnny is then found guilty of manslaughter, but his dreams come true when he becomes a carnival headliner performing before large audiences again, even though it appears that his success has made him lose all touch with reality and sanity!


Nightmare Alley Is Set For A December 3, 2021, Release

Principal photography on Nightmare Alley first began in January 2020, but just two months later, it would join the club of countless Hollywood projects put on pause in the wake of Covid-19’s global outbreak. Disney, which owns the film’s distribution company Searchlight Pictures, would continue to keep the production on hold until the following September.

Nightmare Alley 2021 | Movies on Screen | 2021 - YouTube


After it had initially finished shooting in November 2020, followed by reshoots, Nightmare Alley officially wrapped on production on December 12, 2020. By then, it was scheduled to hit theaters nearly a year later – specifically on Friday, December 3, 2021.

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Who is starring in the movie?

This movie is staring the following actors: Tyrone Power, Jr., Joan Blondell, and Mantan Moreland. The release date for this film was December 12th, 2020. The plot of Nightmare Alley Is about an ambitious young man who becomes a carnival barker to get rich through his knowledge of human nature. He gets more than he bargained for as he finds himself becoming just like those whom he had manipulated all along – looking at life from the bottom side up.

What happens when evil touches young love?

Danny confronts Eddie with the story of how he killed his wife to get her money, and Eddie’s shock forces him into a coma. Eddies are later found guilty of malicious intent by Danny, who then finds out that they were both fooled by “the girl with hair on her lip.”

How “Nightmare Alley” differ from some other horror movies?

Nightmare Alley Differs from many Horror Films in that it doesn’t rely extensively on gore or violence as its source for terror. Instead, this film uses psychological suspense to scare viewers – making them fear what will happen next even more than they might be afraid of blood and guts.


Some films which Nightmare Alley can relate to when talking about their style include Rose Red (2002) and The Innocents (1961).

What will be the rating?

If there was any question of just how dark Nightmare Alley could be, Guillermo del Toro has already made sure to set that record straight. While speaking to Collider in the promotion of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, he mentioned how he had been a fan of William Lindsay Gresham’s novel since the early ’90s. When asked if the film would be rated R, he assured that “double-R” would be a more fitting rating for the noir when he was done.

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