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Love Is Blind Season 2: what to expect? Who the cast, release and plot

Lve Is BlinD Season 2

Love is Blind Season 2, what to expect? Who the cast, release, and plot. “Love Is Blind” is a TV series about two young people who find themselves in an asylum for patients with mental disorders. The story takes place in recent times in Russia. In this article, we will give you all the information that you need to know about Love Is Blind Season 2!

“Love Is Blind Season 2” is about what?

Love is Blind: It tells of two Russian youth who are placed into an institution for mentally ill patients due to their relationship outside of marriage; – season one was filmed on location at a hospital specifically designed to treat psychiatric patients near Moscow, but later they were moved back home because there was no more.

in season two, we will see how the characters are coping with their new situation.

Who is in Season Two?

-Andrei Panin as Alexei;


-Viktoriya Kardakova as Tatiana;

-Igor Ivankov as Ivan Abramovich (psychiatrist); and other well-known Russian actors from theater and cinema.

It also includes an actress who plays a psychopathic doctor on another show, but I can’t remember her name right now.

What is the plot “Love Is Blind Season 2”?

Season one was about a married couple, Tatiana and Alexei, who had an extramarital affair.


Alexei is diagnosed with a mental illness; as the hospital cannot take in more patients because it’s full, he returns home to be cared for by his wife. Season two will see how they are coping after being separated from each other due to the new law against “nonmarital relations.”

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The plot of season two is that we follow Tatiana and her son Alexei – who have been living separately since the first episode – while she deals with life at work and at home without him too. We’ll also meet another man called Ivan Abramovich (Ivan), who falls head over heels in love with Tatiana.

Season one was about a married couple, Tatiana and Alexei, who had an extramarital affair.

What can we expect from season 2?

New cast members will appear in the show’s second season, including Ivan and Tatiana’s new boss, Yulia.


We’ll be introduced to another couple – Viktor (Viktor), who is a doctor at the hospital where Tatiana works, and his wife, Zoya. They are neighbors of Tatiana and Alexei.”

The title suggests that there may not just be one affair this time around – but more than one! This could mean that we’re going to get some juicy secrets revealed from other characters as well.

Release date:

Sadly, there is no confirmed release date for Love is Blind season 2 as of right now. As we’ve previously reported, an article from Oprah Daily did claim we can expect the show to return sometime in 2021. However, we’re not sure if we believe that. Netflix released a shareholder letter earlier this year in which they listed their biggest shows and movies of this year and did not include Love is Blind.

Shows like You, Sex Education, The Witcher, and more were all confirmed to be returning in 2021, but we’ve heard close to nothing about Love is Blind.


We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all things Love Blind season 2, but just don’t get your hopes up. It’ll debut in June 2021.

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