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High Rise Invasion Season 2: Release Date and Renewal Status

High Rise Invasion

The High Rise Invasion is back! Season 2 of the hit TV show will be premiering soon enough, and you can watch it online for free. The show follows a group of survivors fight to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by vicious gangs after an epidemic turned most of the population into bloodthirsty zombies.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Renewal Status Details:

Netflix has not yet announced whether or not they will renew the show for a third season. They have been unresponsive to inquiries on both their live chat and Twitter accounts.

Netflix generally waits for the show’s success before considering extending it into another season. Ratings and reviews have thus far been positive, but there’s no telling how long that will last. Taking this into consideration, don’t be surprised if the show gets a second season.

High Rise Invasion Season 2: Release Date, Netflix Renewal & Episodes

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High Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date Details:

There is no update about the show’s release date, but the first season premiered in February 2021, so we can’t expect the second series until at least early 2022.

The next season is predicted to be released in 2022, which will likely happen during February.


High Rise Invasion Season 2 Plot Synopsis:

Ending the first season of a highrise in a way that leaves room for more storylines to take place is crucial in keeping it interesting.

The season finale left many unresolved plots and subplots for the next season. For example, Yuri will now face difficulty in reuniting with her older brother Rika, who may act as a subplot.

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Though the anime is yet to cover over 100 chapters from what has been published, we can expect that those few missing chapters will be covered in Season 2 of High Rise Invasion. We are currently waiting for the release date.

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