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Chicago Fire Season 10: Know Everything About Release, Plot And Cast

Chcago fire

The 10th season of the Chicago Fire is just around the corner. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming season, including the release date, plot, and cast!

“Chicago Fire Season 10” is about what?

Chicago Fire Season Ten is about the firefighters of Chicago trying to balance their time between work and relationships. It’s a difficult job, but they are getting some help from new additions at the firehouse! Not only will Casey Stenman (Dennis Quaid) be joining our crew this season as Chief Wallace Boden, but we’ll also have Maya Wallingford (Karla Souza). She will not only be working alongside Casey, but she’s also dating him, too- so it looks like there could be some fireworks ahead for them both!

This year on “Chicago P.D.,” Lt. Brett Wozniak has been promoted to Captain, and he teams up with Voight once again as one of his detectives who handles the day-to-day operations of the department. But he’s not just a cop; this season, Brett will be introduced to his new family! He and Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) will have their first child together in episode one, so it looks like there won’t be any shortage of excitement when we catch up with them next week for the premiere!

What can you expect from “Chicago Fire Season 10”?

This year, on “Chicago Fire,” some big changes are coming your way! We’ll meet Maya Wallingford (Karla Souza), who is not only working alongside Casey, but she’s dating him too- so it looks like they could be headed into a volatile territory ahead of them both.

Chicago Fire Season 10: Is Stella Kidd Leaving the show? - Daily Research  Plot

Source: Daily Research

On top of that, Lt. Brett Wozniak has been promoted to Captain, and he teams up with Voight once again as one of his detectives who handles the day-to-day operations of the department. But he also has a new family now after meeting Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) in episode one! They will welcome their first child, and the season will follow them as they balance their new roles of dad and mom.

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Lyric McHenry’s (Miranda Rae Mayo) search for her long-lost sister continued, but she also found out about a family secret that no one was ready to tell her!

Meanwhile, on “Chicago P.D.,” Officer Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) has been promoted to Sergeant, and he’ll be partnering up with Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer). Their first case together is going to hit close to home when they find themselves investigating someone from his past…

Who is staring in “Chicago Fire Season 10”?

The cast includes Jason Beghe as Battalion Chief Hank Voight, Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide, and Monica Raymund as Paramedic Gabriela Dawson.

Cast members are expected to return for the next season, which includes Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide and Monica to see the cast of Chicago P.D. visit Firehouse 51 and vice versa!


An extra surprise in this season is that we’ll be meeting a new character- Caleb Casey- who will find himself on firehouse 51’s front step looking for answers about his father’s death!

What’s the plot of season 10?

Chicago Fire Season ten will see the firehouse and police department come together to investigate a series of arsons with ties to Voight’s past.

At the time of writing, season 9 is still airing, but you can bet we’ll be back after the finale’s aired to make some more solid predictions.

It sounds like some shocking events will take us into season 10, making it a little difficult to second-guess what Haas has planned until we’ve seen what he has in store in that epic closer.


“We have a big finale coming, that’s all I’ll say. We’re Chicago Fire, and we don’t ever give you everything you want. The finale is going to be rough; I’ll say that.”

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When will be air on?

Thanks to the current global situation, Chicago Fire season 9 hit our screens a little later than usual, airing in November as opposed to the usual September/October scheduling we’ve become so used to.

We’d expect season 10 to return to its regular programming, landing in October (just like season one).

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