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Carnival Row Season 2: Who is In? and What’s the Plan for Release Date?

Carnival Row Season 2

Carnival Row is a fantasy series that has an exciting cast of diverse characters. The second season is coming up, and we want to know if you’re in! Here’s what you need to know about the release date, plot, and who’s starring this time around.

“Carnival Row Season 2” is about what?

Carnival Row Season two is about the world of a magical carnival in Amazonia. They are trying to save themselves from extinction as they face discrimination and disdain at home. It is also about creatures who have been rejected by human society for their appearance but now finding acceptance within Carnival Row’s walls.

But there could be hope on the horizon when one woman (Claire Olympia Dyer) – an outsider herself- steps forward to act as their champion after being filled with sorcery, forbidden romance, and political machination that will challenge her even more than the vicious head games she’s used to playing.

What does it take place inside?

The show takes place both outside and inside this magical town called “Carnival Row.”The sky above this world is a brilliant spectrum of colors, unshielded from the sun by any weather. The town’s lanterns are lit, and they carry an inviting glow all night long. A pleasure district in the center of Carnival Row provides visitors with entertainment to suit their every desire—but not everything inside is as it seems.

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Who is in “Carnival Row Season 2”?

The show features Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne as leads, with David Gyasi, Karla Crome, Indira Varma, Hugo Speer also starring. Several other stars have joined the cast, including singer-songwriter Jorja Smith and actor Taron Egerton.

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It takes place outside this magical town called “Carnival Row,” which includes human beings from all over the world that live there together because they had nowhere else to go due to their beliefs being different from the mainstream.

What is the plot of “Carnival Row Season Two”?

Again, there’s little known so far about what will happen in season 2. With events at the end of season 1 seeing (spoilers ahead) a ghetto created in the Burgue, imprisoning all of the faes, including Philo who willingly joins his oppressed brethren alongside Vignette; Jonah and Sophie forming a political alliance that could prove bad news for all non-humans; plus Agreus and Imogen leaving on his ship to find a more tolerant world, things really are poised nicely for season 2.

Will we see a violent uprising by the Fae? Can the new political power hold its grip? Might Agreus sail back with those who would end the ghetto? And will Philo’s noble heritage come to light and see him rise to prominence? So much to look forward to when the show returns.

When is the release date of “Carnival Row Season Two”?

While it’s true that the last time the show graced our screens was back in 2019 and that Amazon had already commissioned season 2 before the first one aired, there’s still no announced date for the return of the series.


It’s been widely reported that filming began at the end of 2019, only to halt when the pandemic took hold in 2020. We’ve seen multiple accounts stating that filming has since resumed and actually finished up in August 2020.

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So, does this mean it will appear any day now? Well, not quite. There is a lot of post-production involved with shows like Carnival Row, especially for the rendering of the large, Victorian-style city and its vast array of magical residents. With that being said, it would be unusual for something like this to take more than a year, so it does seem likely that Amazon may unveil the latest installments of the show quite soon.

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