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Antlers Know the Release,Cast and Plot – Movie Review

Antlers Movie

In Antlers, a young boy is sent to live with his grandparents in the deep forests of Russia. He soon finds out that their house has been filled with many things collected from years of hunting and exploring: TVs, radios, guns, maps, books. But there’s another collection too – one that tells stories about life in the forest and makes them come alive again. As he gets closer to his grandparents’ pasts (and secrets), he starts discovering more about who they are today – and what it means for him to grow up like an animal in a world where everything is hunted.

What is “Antlers”?

Antlers is a horror film with some supernatural elements. It’s about an elementary school teacher who takes in a young orphaned boy after his parents are killed by a drunk driver and the trouble that ensues when the child becomes possessed. The story centers on Henry Deaver (played by Julianne Moore), an attorney who returns to his hometown to take care of some unfinished business, which leads him to confront painful memories from his past while he investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the boy’s death.

What’s it about?

The movie is about Henry Deaver, an attorney who returns to his hometown to take care of some unfinished business and the mysterious circumstances surrounding a boy’s death. There are hints that this horror flick might be set in Nebraska or Colorado.

Antlers (2021) - IMDb


What is the Plot of the “Antlers”?

Henry takes on the case of Adam Henley, a man convicted for murdering his wife and two daughters, who have been locked away for 20 years in Shawshank State Penitentiary. Meanwhile, he gets to know Regan Pescoli and Red Riding Hood (Rachels Rachel Keller), both of whom are investigating the disappearance of a child named Danny Glick.

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Henry’s involvement with Adam Henley leads him to uncover some secrets about himself as well as memories from his childhood that he had long buried. He also uncovers a clue linking all three cases together: an archaeological artifact known as “The Antlers.”


peoples Reactions to the movie:

Antler is set up like any other horror movie; it lulled you into believing everything was okay before ripping your heart out at the end just when you were no longer expecting it.

This was a great film, with some very understated performances from the cast and a story that actually made you think. It also has one of the best endings I have seen in recent years, where all loose ends are tied up nicely – this is rare for horror movies!

I recommend Antlers to anyone looking for an intelligent take on a horror movie; if you’re scared easily, then be warned as there are quite graphic scenes depicting violence towards women (particularly mutilation).

Who is casting the movie “Antlers “?

Antlers have been cast by Ellen Page, who plays the central protagonist named Sharon. The director of Antlers is first-time Director Scott Cooper, and it was released on October 12th this year in a limited release across North America (Canada).


The movie also stars Richard Armitage as John Farren, Max Minghella as James Ludlow, and Rutger Hauer as Father Thomas O’Connor.

Why Antler’s releasing lost in between?

Antlers’ original release date was April 17, 2020, but was postponed due to COVID-19 along with several other highly-anticipated horror movies. Its date was later set to February 21, 2021. In a bizarre turn of events, this date was dropped in mid-December of 2020 and remains unknown as of this writing. While its release date remains unclear, the possibility of a digital release over a theatrical one has risen exponentially, which may mean that a winter 2021 release is still imminent. As it is owned by Disney, the company may be looking at releasing it exclusively through Hulu. Some have speculated that the removal of the date was because Disney has so many other major releases coming in 2021, which could have caused Antlers to fall to the bottom of their priority releases.

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