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Another Life: Season 2 – Summary, Cast, Release Date all you need to know

After Life Season 3

The second season of the popular television series “Another Life” will release on Netflix. The show ran for only one season, and it ended with a cliffhanger. Season 2 picks up right where Season 1 left off, as we return to earth shaken by the conflict between two factions: those who believe in alien life and those that want to keep all knowledge about aliens secret. Allie must make some tough decisions about her future, which may not be limited to just this planet anymore…

This is an explanation of a second season that has not aired yet. Spoilers may be present!

The first episode begins with Allie (played by Lizzy Caplan) waking up from her final examination before she’s set to graduate college and go on the mission trip to space, but this time it was just a dream. She’s still in the desert where she was left after being abducted by aliens who were testing her DNA and intelligence, but now they’re back to tell her that there are other humans on earth like them – this is what we saw happening between two factions at the end of Season One: those that want to keep all knowledge about aliens secret, and those that want to reveal it.

The first ones had been abducting Allie, thinking she was the most intelligent human they’ve met yet; meanwhile, the second faction wanted her for their own purposes too – but only because they found out about this secret organization of alien-friendly humans who go by “The Fog” (named after famous sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke’s book Childhood’s End).

Another Life Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far


In a nutshell, we find out that there are two human factions on Earth: one of them wants to keep the truth about aliens secret (The Fog), and another is interested in learning more about it – which is why they abducted Allie after she detected their presence with the help of the device in her brain.

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The Fog didn’t only want to keep Allie safe but also wanted to protect their secret organization – and that’s why they were keeping a close eye on her as she went through all this drama with The Oda family (in Season One). There are some scenes where we see the following scene:

A group of people in a room, discussing how to handle the situation with Allie. They don’t know what she saw, and they’re waiting for her return before deciding on their next step.

The Fog is presenting some possible scenarios – one where they could tell her that it was all just an experiment; another one where they could tell her that it was all a simulation and she would be released. And of course, the scene where they tell her the truth – but this one has been rejected due to the danger it could cause for The Fog’s organization.

The plot of the new season

The Oda family is still in power, and they are trying to fight against this new group that seeks their destruction.


Meanwhile, Allie has been captured by them for some unknown reason, and she gets interrogated throughout all nine episodes. She finds out more about this new group and their plans, as well as the consequences of her actions.

“Another Life: Season Two” is a story about one woman’s journey to discover the truth while living in an alternate timeline where she suddenly has access to knowledge from different worlds. The first season ended with Allie waking up on the shore after being rescued.

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Allie Oda – Milana Vayntrub, the protagonist of “Another Life,” and a college student who is also working part-time as an intern for her father’s company. She had grown up in a world where she doesn’t know anything about what happened before she was born. Allie is adventurous and curious by nature, always looking for answers.

Tommy – Michaela McManus, the CEO of Allie’s father company and also her boss. Tommy is a strong-willed woman who has been controlling everything in this timeline with an iron fist ever since she took over the position of her late husband. She loves to control everyone around her.


Release Date

There is no official announcement as of now, but we are speculating late summer, or early fall of 2021 will be the best guess for the release of season 2.

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