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All new about Midnight Gospel Season 2

Midnight Gospel

The show follows the story of our protagonist, who has recently returned to her rural Texas town after spending time at Stanford University. She tries to make amends with her family and friends but finds herself in a dark comedy adventure that she never expected.

– Season One premiered on Amazon Prime Video in September 2018.

– The show is created by Oscar Award Nominated Animation Veteran and Director Bill Plympton

– Emmy Winner Bryan Cranston provides the voice of Colonel Sanders for a guest appearance as well as the role of an adult Tex Avery.


– Dedicated to animator Tex Avery.

– Bill Plympton, Creator of “Midnight Gospel”

If you have watched Adventure Time and thought of yourself,” I like this but wish it was even weirder,” then you have definitely electric taste.

The first season came out on April 20, 2020, and introduced the world to spacecaster Clanky Gilroy(Duncan Trussell), who travels to a different world and interview people before they are wiped out by some catastrophic events, often barely saving his life.


From drug legalization to religion, the show tackles various with equal parts of comedy and pathos.

What’s the release date for The Midnight Gospel season 2?

We would expect the new season to come up after one year of airing the first season in April 2020. Unfortunately, without official confirmation of the new episodes, it would take a lot longer.

Who’s in the cast for Midnight Gospel: Season 2?

The cast includes Duncan Trussell, Clare Higgins, Matthew Lillard, John C. McGinley, Janeane Garofalo, and many more.

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What’s the plot for Midnight Gospel: Season 2?

The plot is still unknown. While we can guess from the previous season that it could be seen as a final journey for Clancy and everyone he’s met, but given the trippy nature of the show, we wouldn’t be surprised if he enters another world and starts questioning people.

Midnight Gospel Season 2: Release Date & Story Details

Source: Screen

The Untold Truth of Midnight Gospel!

We’re not sure if we should be happy about the new season or just wish that it would never come. It’s been revealed that Clancy will take a much different journey this time around, going to places he has longed for and finally finding what he seeks. We can only hope that while these episodes are over an hour long each, they are worth the wait.

Our pink hero Clancy is a spacecaster who lives in an alternate dimension, what is called “Chromatic Ribbon.” In this dimension, very powerful biological computers are used to stimulate countless worlds from which new technology can be harvested, and Clancy- who is illegally in possession of one such computer delves into these worlds as they are ending in the purpose of gathering material for his space cast. The problem with this is that when he starts to find some really good stuff, the world ends before he can get it. To say any more would be spoiling too much of what’s going on in Season two, but we’ll just leave you with one last thought: The Midnight Gospel isn’t always all gospel and no midnight.”

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The Midnight Gospel’s story comes from the fusion of two worlds.

The first is the world of Clancy, a scavenger for technology. The second is that of Chromatic Ribbon, where powerful biological computers are used to stimulate countless worlds, and new technology can be harvested from them before they end in mysterious ways.

This second season of Midnight Gospel is set in the 1980s. The world has been devastated by a fourth industrial revolution, which has led to an ecological collapse and total social inequality. This dark future sets up new players for our heroes’ game: from AI-empowered corporations to green political movements that are humanity’s last hope.

This adult animation is an adventure fiction with dark comedy.


The Midnight Gospel has some crazy influences.

In the first season, we saw nods to George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. In this second season, there are more 1980s influences: RoboCop, Blade Runner, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome…even The Breakfast Club!

The whole world is at risk!

This season, the characters are all fighting for their survival. There’s a new mystery and new conspiracies that threaten to destroy everyone – even our heroes. The stakes have never been higher as we head towards Season Three of Midnight Gospel.

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