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Special Season 2: Everything You’ve Been Waiting For!

Special Season 2

The wait is over! The new season of your favorite comedy show has finally premiered, and we couldn’t be happier. Join us as we recap the episode, get a sneak peek at what to expect in upcoming episodes, and meet some of the stars who have been cast for this special season.


Ryan O’Connell is a young gay man with cerebral palsy who branches out from his insular existence in hopes of finally going after the life he wants. While trying to make sense of what adult independence means, Ryan’s floundering attempts at job interviews and first loves are made all the more difficult by everyday obstacles like crossing the street. Ryan is a special kind of hero, and he faces the world with a sense of humor that will make you laugh. But it’s his insights into society’s perception of disability that’ with cerebral palsy. It provokes your thought even as they give you hope for humanity. And in this debut memoir, Ryan invites readers to experience what no one ever really sees: the perspective of a person with cerebral palsy.


The first season of Ryan’s Specials was hilarious and heartwarming, but in the second season, Ryan is struggling to find a job after college. His family wants him to be independent to start living on his own, but that means leaving home for good. What will happen when he has no one else?

At age 20, with cerebral palsy, Ryan was the hero of his own story. Now that he’s 25 and living with cerebral palsy, who will be the hero?


This special season has it all: comedy, social commentary about disability in society today-and. What comes next for Ryan when you’re a person with cerebral palsy.

Special Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far


Will problems at work, in his love life, and with his family leave Ryan feeling low? Will he be able to find the hero that lives inside him once more?

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The answer’s not going to make you feel good.

Insight into the Second Season

The second season of Ryan’s Special is hilarious and heartwarming, but now 25-year-old Ryan has cerebral palsy and is living on his own for the first time.

Ryan faces a series of challenges: he has to contend with unresolved family issues, find love again after being dumped by his girlfriend from season one, make new friends in adulthood and at work, re-learn how to use public transportation since he was never able to drive as an able-bodied person, and deal with a boss who doesn’t understand his disability.


We also see the return of Ryan’s friends from Season One: Larry, the straight guy in love with Ryan; Kelly, his ex-girlfriend who is now married to someone else but still loves him; Meredith, the girl next door he never got over; and Darryl, Ryan’s childhood best friend who now has to take care of him.

Special Season Two is the long-awaited sequel to TV Land’s hit comedy special “Ryan & Sara Live in LA” from 2011, which attracted more than 12 million viewers at its peak.

The new season has all the ingredients of a feel-good comedy: love, laughter, and lots of heart.

The long-awaited sequel to TV Land’s hit comedy special “Ryan & Sara Live in LA” from 2011, “Special Season Two.”


Ryan’s friends from season one Larry (the straight guy in love with Ryan), Kelly (ex-girlfriend who is now married to someone else but still loves him), Meredith (girl next door he never got over)attracted more than 12 million viewers at its peak.

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The new season has all the ingredients of a feel-good comedy: love, laughter, and lots of heart.

“Special Season One was about Ryan finally realizing that he’s not perfect and accepting himself for who he is,” says co-creator Sara Benincasa in an interview with TV Land. “This season has him finding out what it means to be happy with someone else.”

Ryan and Meredith are back together, and Ryan is about to make the ultimate commitment. Will he pop the question? Or will it be too late for true love?



Ryan O’Connell- as himself, the lead character.

Meredith Jaffrey- Ryan’s love interest who is currently married to someone else.

Kelly McCrae- Meredith’s ex and Ryan’s first long-time girlfriend.

Kyle Howard – Brandt another one of Meredith’s past relationships with a more dramatic side than Ryan.


Amber Gwen- Meredith’s current and seemingly perfect partner, who has a secret that could change everything for them both.

Priya – Kelly McCrae’s new girlfriend who is as open-minded about relationships as she is about relationships in general.

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