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Ramy Season 3 Cast, Review, Release Date and More Updates

Ramy Season 3

The Ramy Season 3 is now out, and it’s so good. If you haven’t watched the whole season, then stop what you’re doing and watch it. It’s a great show that will keep you hooked till the very end. There are many updates about this amazing show so keep reading to find out about all of them!

Know about the “The Ramy”!

The Ramy is a new show that premiered on Netflix, and it’s pretty amazing. It has two seasons, Season one came out last year (2018), and season two just came out this July 2019!

If you haven’t watched the whole show yet, then stop what you’re doing right now because it will be worth watching all of them. The first episode starts slow, but as soon as the second episode comes around, things get really interesting. There are many updates about this great show so keep reading to find out more information on “The Ramy.”

Who is starting in season 3?

There are many actors in season three.


The main event that is taking place this time around is the addition of actress (and singer) Rosie and actor Amir Kassaei to the cast list. They play a married couple who have been together for quite some time, but their marriage isn’t as perfect as they hope it would be. The other stars include Nelly Karim (Ramy), Hania Amarrai Ben Aoun, Ricky Harun, Ahmed Mahran, Salwa Mohamed Gouda, and Menna Shalabi, just to name a few!

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Who else will be on Ramy Season Three?

In case you’re wondering if there’s any crossover from previous seasons or cameos-there are both!

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The Ramy Season Three Trailer:

Season three of “Ramy” is finally coming to Netflix on July 13th! Here’s the trailer for season three, and it looks like we’ll see plenty more drama, comedy, a dash of romance (between Rami and his wife), plus some really heartfelt moments between friends. In other words–more fun than ever from this show that seems to have captured viewers everywhere in its international appeal.

Where does everyone know him?

If you watch Middle Eastern or Arab television shows, then you might already be familiar with the actor Ricky Harun who plays Mahmoud Saeed in Ramy. But if not-don’t worry, he has been seen since 2009 acting in different TV productions such as Cairo Crime and El-Watan, which is a drama series that aired in early 2016.

Ricky Harun was known for his acting chops!

Ricky Harun has had experience with different types of roles, such as comedic or dramatic ones, but it seems like he can do them all incredibly well. Ricky also mentioned during an interview recently on the TV show “Al Arabiya” that he believes Arabic actors have more opportunities to work abroad than before because they are seen as neutral ― just normal people who speak another language.


What do we know about season three?

In one word: everything! This time around, there will be 12 episodes compared to last year’s six–which might seem daunting at first glance, but each episode this season will be half an hour instead of a full one.

The cast is also going to be composed in the same way as last year, with six characters who are all interconnected but don’t know each other’s identities–they’re just living their lives and happen to cross paths with two others in secret conversations through text messages or social media.

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This season will follow themes such as human rights, family conflict/dynamics, crime and punishment (with detective series), women empowerment…etc. so expect some twists and turns! El-Watan is known for its gripping storylines that always leave you guessing until the very end; it has even been described by critics as “Egyptian TV Drama’s best show.”

Release date:

So far, there isn’t a release date for Ramy season 3, and there’s been no word on when filming is set to begin.


Last July, creator Ramy Youssef told Deadline he’s mindful of the delays the COVID-19 pandemic has caused and plans to act accordingly. He stated:

Youssef also wants to incorporate the world events of 2020 into his storytelling, but he’s not sure how much he’s going to put into the third season.

At this rate, we’re hoping for a late 2021 release for Ramy season 3. The worst-case scenario, though, is that fans will have to wait until 2022.

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