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Candyman: Plot Details, Cast Updates, Rumours, Release Date and Frequently Asked Questions!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a bunch of candy? Candyman is about the story of a killer who has been living in an abandoned house for some time. He lures children with sweets and then kills them, but he doesn’t enjoy doing this anymore. The movie will explore how this man’s desire to stop killing was not as strong as his addiction to the sweet taste of candy. It will also follow one child’s journey through her fear and terror while she learns that she can survive anything if she just tries hard enough.

This blog post is going to take a look at plot details, cast updates, rumours and release date information!

Candyman release date: when will it hit cinemas?

The film was due to come out in both the USA and UK on September 25, 2020. It was then moved to October 16, 2020. On September 11, it was announced that Universal and MGM, who are committed to the movie getting a theatrical release, have pushed it back to some time in 2021 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. A new date is TBC.


The movie will be a new take on the original story, with an all-new cast of characters and storyline. Candyman is based around addiction to the sweet taste of candy. It will also follow one child’s journey through her fear and terror while she learns that she can survive anything if she just tries hard enough.


The movie is set to be a modern take on the original Candyman, which followed Helen and her son as they tracked down the mythological being who was killing people with his hook. This one will follow “a group of college friends from New England that embark on an epic road trip in 1987.” They soon discover there’s more than just candy waiting for them at their destination.

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What actors are in Candyman?

The cast for the forthcoming sequel will be headed up by Aquaman and Watchmen star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as a grown-up version of Anthony McCoy, the baby from the original Candyman.

Abdul-Mateen was originally thought to be playing the Candyman himself, but director Nia DaCosta confirmed that he’s not replacing Tony Todd in the role. “I can’t say what’s happening in the film because we want it to be a surprise, but he’s not replacing Tony Todd,” she told Collider.

Tony Todd Gave Candyman His Soul in the Horror Movie Franchise

Source: Film School

It’s not clear yet whether this means that Todd will be making a return for the film, though he revealed that he’s “hoping [he] will appear in the film in some form or fashion.

“Wouldn’t that make sense?” he told EW in a recent interview. “But it’s Hollywood, so I won’t take it personally if for some reason it doesn’t work out.”


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a trailer or tease for the movie yet?

Not yet, but stay tuned! We’ll update this post when one is released.

Is Candyman based on a true story?

No, it is not. The film; was inspired; by urban legends and folk horror stories; which were often shared; in the African-American communities; where they originated; along with other works; that have been written about vengeful spirits; like John Henry “Doc” Holliday; from Westerns or Bloody Mary; a name used to scare children; into staying away; from Ouija boards; when playing at slumber parties.

These tales; are meant to frighten; those who hear them; but also serve as cautionary tales; for young people growing up in America’s inner cities during periods of social upheaval and increased mobility due to migration patterns within the US. And ultimately provides an opportunity for dialogue about the intersection between race and class in America.

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What is Candyman about?

The film depicts a legend turned urban myth of an anthropophagous spirit haunting Chicago’s Near West Side, given life by people who believe that it has to do with their own experiences–a demonic force summoned from parts unknown by those wishing for revenge on their enemies or terrorizing friends. The protagonist, Professor Philip Purcell (played by Tony Todd), comes to investigate these claims after his nephew becomes its latest victim and tensions escalate into mass hysteria as locals become convinced that he is back for more blood. As he searches for answers deep in this community seething with resentment over gentrification and long-simmering racial tension.


Candyman is about the slave-turned-vigilante who appears in various forms to avenge his lynching at the hands of white people.

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