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Dirty John Season 3: What Will Be Next? What We Can Expect!

Dirty John Season 3

Dirty John Season 3 what will be next? what can we expect? I know everything here!

The new season of Dirty John, a podcast about the real-life horror story of a con man and serial killer, John Meehan, was released on December 14th. The first two seasons were a huge success, with listeners who tuned in to hear this true-crime series unfold. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the things that you should know before diving into Dirty john season three!

Who is staring in Dirty John Season 3?

the show has yet to receive an official order for more episodes; it’s unclear who would be in the cast of the show’s third season. The first two seasons drew fairly high-profile names, including Christian Slater, Connie Britton, Eric Bana, and Amanda Peet. If the show were to return for a third season, a similarly famous cast would likely be recruited for the project.

The cast would ultimately depend on what story a third season would tell. Given that the first two seasons featured real people, the third would probably follow suit. Although makeup can do remarkable things, and it’s not essential to look like real people if they aren’t that famous, “Dirty John” could cast its third season at least in part based on what the actual people at the center of its story look like. That kind of authenticity has contributed to the show’s gritty authenticity.


What is the released date of season 3?

There is no release date for season three of Dirty John. Since the show hasn’t been renewed, it’s unclear what story will be told in the third season – or if there even will be one at all.

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In an interview with TVLine after Season Two aired, series creator and executive producer Alexandra Cunningham said that she doesn’t know whether Bravo has plans to renew the show: “I have heard nothing about any other seasons.” If Bravo does decide to move forward with another installment, they’ll likely make an announcement around the time Season Two breaths of air on television this fall.

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Dirty John season 3: Release date, cast, plot and trailer

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What is the Plot?

Season two of Dirty John follows investigative journalist Christopher Goffard’s true-crime podcast about the unbelievable story of a seductive, beguiling con man (played by Eric Bana) who sweeps women off their feet and then pulls out his checkbook. The serialized podcast presents an engrossing mystery with surprising twists that listeners won’t be able to predict – but they’ll want to hear more anyway.

This season picks up in early 2017 when Debra Newell has begun her relationship with John Meehan after meeting him on Tinder months ago. It quickly becomes evident it is not just as she expected: there are debt issues, infidelity, something suspicious going on at work, among other things he refuses to discuss, and physical and emotional abuse.


This season is about how Debra Newell (played by Connie Britton) and her children, Terra (Julia Garner), John Paul Jr., and Regina (Tessa Ferrer), navigate the fallout from this relationship with John Meehan. Four months after he’s left their lives seemingly for good, his behavior is still taking a toll on them all: they are financially strapped; she has filed for divorce but doesn’t have legal custody of the kids at the moment because of what happened in court that day; they’re not sure if or when he’ll come back to try to coerce or force himself onto them again — but he might be lurking nearby.

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About the Trailer!

It starts with John Meehan (played by Christopher McDonald) being interviewed for a job, and he is telling what his strength is, which includes “manipulation” and “lying.” In addition, it also shows Debra Newell (played by Connie Britton), Terra (Julia Garner), John Paul Jr., and Regina’s(Tessa Ferrer) reactions to this interview. Furthermore, there is a scene where they have dinner together as a family before heading off to bed. The next day when she wakes up from her sleep, Terra can see that someone has left an envelope under their front doormat.

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