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Betty Season 2: When Will it Be Released, What Happens in the Plot and Casting New Characters

Betty seasonn 2

Season 2 of Betty is coming soon, but when will it be released, and what can we expect from the plot? We had a chance to interview some of the cast members, and they opened up about their roles in this new series.

Betty Season 2 When Will It Be Released, What Happens In The Plot And Casting New Characters

About the “Betty”:

The show is about a young woman who works as an assistant-turned-copywriter in New York City. The series follows her life and the challenges she faces with honesty, humor, intelligence, and hard work. Betty presents creative ideas for campaigns to help advertisers reach their target audience. She also balances her job’s demands with new motherhood – all while exploring what it means to find your own place in a world where you never have enough time or money.

The plot of Season Two:

Astrid Loch’s character has been killed off from “Mad Men,” so we’ll see Young Don Draper instead! And that won’t just mean seeing Jon Hamm’s face a little more often. It’s also set to see Don in his pre-Don Draper days, leading up to the point when he created the identity for himself. And what about Peggy? She’ll be taking on her own secretary Mad Men-style and dealing with new character Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway Harris!


The Cast:

Jon Hamm (as “Young Don Draper”), Jessica Pare (as “Peggy Olsen), Kiernan Shipka (as “Betty Francis”), and John Slattery are all returning for season two. They will be joined by some new faces such as Yael Stone, who plays Peggy’s mother – or rather one of them, anyway; Janie Bryant is designing costumes for Janie; Christina Hendricks is set to play “Joan Holloway Harris”; Kevin Rahm will have a recurring role as Ken Cosgrove, Harry Crane, and Stan Rizzo return.

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Expected story of season 2:

Season two of Mad Men sees the crew in 1968 – Don Draper’s first year at Sterling Cooper & Partners. They’ll be dealing with everything from the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Kennedy, and George Lincoln Rockwell (founder of the American Nazi Party) to riots across America after boxer Cassius Clay changes his name to Muhammad Ali. And what about Peggy? She’ll be taking on her own secretary Mad Men-style and dealing with new character Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway Harris! Get ready for even more smoking office scenes.

Betty: Season 2 of Crystal Moselle's HBO Series Sets June Debut


Expected release date:

At the time when the announcement first came out last June, the team behind Betty still had to write the new episodes, possibly cast new characters, and plan out an entire season’s production. Considering it’s an HBO show, the scale for their productions is generally a lot bigger than other television series. Also, Betty is reportedly filmed on location in New York City, not on a set or soundstage, which would’ve made filming very difficult to do during the second half of 2020 and even now. On top of that, the creative team may want to have season 2 take place in good weather, and it’s likely that by the time they were ready for filming, NYC was in full-blown wintertime. Of course, this is speculation, as HBO has released no further information to go on.

Thinking positively, if Betty managed to stay on track for a normal second-season production schedule, fans of the series can probably expect new episodes to air sometime in Summer or Fall 2021. HBO will hopefully make an announcement one way or another about Betty season 2 soon.

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According to the renewal announcement from HBO, Crystal Moselle serves as director and executive producer. The series is produced by Untitled Entertainment, and Igor Srubshchik, Jason Weinberg, and Allah Sophia Mourad also serve as executive producers.



The trailer for ‘Betty’ Season 2 is yet to be released. Stay tuned for updates.

Where to watch

Catch season 2 of ‘Betty’ on HBO. Season 1 is available to stream on HBO GO, HBO NOW, and HBO MAX.

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