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Sweet Tooth Season 2: We Know So Far Everything About The Next Part!

“Sweet Tooth Season 2: We Know So Far Everything!” is the title of one of the most anticipated series in 2019. When is it coming out? What will happen to Gus and Hazel? Will they be together again or not? All these questions are answered below.

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Dear viewers and readers of our blog. We know that you are waiting for the second season of Sweet Tooth – we all want to see what happens next! But unfortunately, there is no news about its release date yet. All information in this article will be updated once any new details emerge, so stay tuned and follow us on social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter, where articles with updates are published first. You can also subscribe to our newsletter if you don’t want to miss anything important related to your favorite series!






Sean W. Simmons

Dennis Kleinberg


Danielle Fonger

Kathy Lewis-Spencer (as Kathy)

Nicholas Rokoff, Jr., played by Andy Doyle and Corey Brill as a child Nickolas ‘Nicky’ Rokofsky, Sr. Played by Dan Bischoff and Danny Kleintank as a boy Henry’s Grandfather, Played Gary Anthony Williams.

Released date:

Netflix and the Sweet Tooth producers are keeping quiet on season two for now, but clearly, there’s a plan in place given how season one ended. What we’ve seen so far only covers less than a third of the source material, so don’t be surprised if Sweet Tooth carries on for at least two more seasons.

Sweet Tooth Season 2: Release Date & Story Details | Screen Rant

Source: Screen

With all that in mind, don’t expect new episodes until mid-2022 at the very earliest. Sweet Tooth is big-budget fare, so the post-production process is more time-consuming than it usually is with your average real-life drama.

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What is the plot?

Sweet Tooth is a post-apocalyptic story that takes place shortly during an event called ‘The Change.’ The protagonist of this series is Gus, who was born into a world where animal species have been extinct for years and remnants of human society are just about clinging to the last dregs of civilization as they struggle against the growing anarchy and perils from those forced outside their relative safety by The Change. He survives on his own until he encounters Jepperd—a hunter looking for the big game on which to hunt–and promptly becomes ensnared in both man’s quest and a new form of a family: one built on blood ties. Rather than shared memories or experiences.”

The plot for season two can’t seem to release until now (September 2018). But we got some hints about it: “It’s a story of family,” show creator Bryan Elsley tells EW.”

There are no clear words from the producer or anyone else just yet, but they have confirmed there won’t be any new characters coming into play this next installment. “I think that you need these people who were integral [in] how everything started if anything was going to happen at all,” says Ryan Condal while adding he isn’t able to confirm or deny if Sweet Tooth will be renewed.

What will be the story?

There will be no new characters in play this next installment – only the original cast members who were integral to how everything started should return (except Jay). Ryan Condal says that he cannot confirm or deny whether Sweet Tooth will be renewed: “I think that you need these people who were integral [in] how everything started if anything was going to happen at all.”


Trailer reaction:

“I’m really excited for this season. I wanna find out what happens to the characters and how they’re gonna interact with each other,” said one fan while another added, “This is a great series that deserves more episodes.”

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