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Lost In Space Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

Lost In Space Season 3

The third season of Lost in Space will be finally coming to Netflix! After many years, the suspenseful show will be back for more adventure. Are you excited? We are too! In this blog post, we will tell you everything you need to know about Season 3 – including release date and trailer information.

Lost In Space Season 3 Release Date Details:

After concerns over the global situation delayed production, Season 3 of Lost in Space has a confirmed release date! Netflix set 2020 as the general release date, but due to production delays, they released 2019 as a more realistic goal.

When Will Lost in Space Season 3 Come Out?


Yet, the shoot did start in September 2020 before announcing its completion in January 2021. So there is a good chance we will really see season three before the end of the year. If not, then it’ll be early 2022 by the very latest.

Lost In Space Season 3 Cast Details:

The cast members from the regular season of Lost in Space are expected to return for the finale. Some of these include Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson, Toby Stephens as John Robison, Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson, Taylor Russell-Stewart as Judy Robbieaman, and Mina Sundwall as Penny-Robinson.

It has been confirmed that Ignacio Serricchio will be returning to the show as Don West. Parker Posey also potentially remains an option for her role of June Harris / Dr. Smith if she survives the attack and appears in this story arc.


Season three of Lost in Space will also include new characters played by William Budijanto, Lex Elle, and Charles Vandervaart.

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Lost In Space Season 3 Plot Synopsis:

Season 2 ended with what appears to be a major cliffhanger that needs to be resolved in season 3.

After escaping the rift aboard the Jupiter Transport, the ship ends up stranded in an unknown star system. They see the Fortuna, which disappeared nearly twenty years ago and was mentioned throughout the show.

No one knows what happened to Dr. Smith after Fortuna was lost in space, but many are questioning if he is still alive or not. It seems likely that Netflix will be reenacting the finale with old cast members and people from their new show for the third season. She sacrificed her life so that Judy, Will, and Penny could escape. We did not see the Mighty Ostrich’s dead body. Can she still be alive?


A few more episodes into season three, Maureen and John are seen nowhere. And we can’t answer the question of what happened to them.

Season 3 is also known to bring us to an entirely new planet after the children found themselves in a new star system by the end of season 2. We don’t know exactly where yet, but we’re pretty confident it’ll be “epic.”

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