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Ginny & Georgia Season 2: What Can We Expect? Review, Plot and Released Date

Ginnie And gEARGIE

What can we expect from Ginny & Georgia season 2? Well, the show follows two 20-something sisters who are living in Manhattan and their adventures. The first episode aired on September 11th, 2017. You can find a review of the show as well as plot and released date information below!

About the Ginny & Georgia!

Virginia “Ginny” Anne Geyer (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) is an aspiring artist with a quick wit and deep need for independence; she falls short only when it comes to making healthy choices – like wearing SPF lotion or staying out of her sister’s way while they’re both moving into their new apartment together Some might call this girl high maintenance, but that would be selling herself short Of course, everyone needs help sometimes: Just ask her big sis Georgia (Aubrey Plaza). She may not be a medical student anymore, but she’s got it where it counts. She can cook and clean with the best of them.

Georgia Geyer (Aubrey Plaza) is an aspiring doctor who follows her sister Ginny to New York City; their adventures in Manhattan are documented.


I love how this show is so relatable for girls everywhere – we’ve all been there trying to make healthy choices while living with our parents or sisters or boyfriends who don’t want us to change anything about ourselves. We’re constantly bombarded by marketing that tells us what we need “to have,” what we need “to be,” and what’s ultimately going to make us happy.

Ginny & Georgia' Cast Guide: Meet Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry | Decider


I also love how this show is not just about the typical coming-of-age story of a woman finding herself through work, relationships, or marriage It portrays so many different women who are figuring out their lives in their own ways – some by jumping into it head-on while others take more time to find themselves.

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In Season two, Ginny has moved across town but still with her father (James Earl Jones). Georgia finds that she might be a little too young for med school, after all, taking classes at John Jay College instead. The sisters have their share of ups and downs as they try new things, including making friends outside of each other & finding the perfect guy.

Events take a turn when they are forced to move back home with their mother (Diahann Carroll) after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Struggling in different ways, Ginny and Georgia try to cope as well as deal with her illness while still trying to get through life on their own terms.

release date:

Season one took four months to film and premiered in February 2021, so we could expect the second season around a year later, in February 2022 at the earliest – though continued COVID-19 protocols may well delay the release date by several months.

How Can You Watch: Ginny & Georgia Season Two?



-Netflix in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand

-Apple TV in Canada

-HBO Now in Latin America (excluding Brazil)

-Amazon Prime Video for streaming across India, Mexico, and Central America only


What can we expect?

A lot more drama from Ginny’s marriage woes with Julian as he struggles to accept his son Leo (played by Joseph Lansiquot). This leads us to speculate that it might be an important storyline of Ginny going through IVF treatments or maybe even adoption processes again! With an array of topics like motherhood, growing old, life-threatening illnesses, and marital stressors all covered throughout the season.

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it follows the life of Ginny Fielding (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) through her marriage to Julian George-Fielding (Liam Neeson), as she juggles running a home with three children while also striving for success at work. The show takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster ride reflecting Ginny’s highs and lows, including being diagnosed with COVID-19 after returning from Africa where she was filming a medical documentary; watching her daughter go off to college for the first time; navigating late motherhood due to miscarriage complications during pregnancy; developing postpartum depression after having her fourth child, and dealing with a new breast cancer diagnosis.

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