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Beastars Season 3: Everything We Know About This Anime Series

Beaststars Season 3

The world of Beastars is a place where animals are the dominant species. There are no humans, and animals have taken over civilization. The story follows three animal tribes who live in this world: the Ferals, the Farmers, and the Nobles. In Season 2, tensions rise as each tribe struggles to survive in their own way while also dealing with outside threats from other animal factions throughout Beastars.

Blasters Season 3 Premiere Details:

Beastars. Season 2 is not yet available, but there are high indications that it will be renewed for a new season. There’s a 99% chance of renewal and that the anime series sales on DVD will also have a huge success ratio. So, Netflix may give us the green light for future seasons as soon as enough manga source material becomes available.

BEASTARS Season 3 release date on Netflix U.S.: BEASTARS 3 predictions

Source: Monsters and

Anime Beastars aired its first season from October 2019 to January 2020, with the second running from March 2021 until May 2022. With production already underway, those at Studio Orange may have a third season in mind for release before 2023.

Beasters Season 3 Cast Details:

The Beastars Season 3 English Dub will have the following cast:

  • Jonah Scott as Legoshi
  • Griffin Puatu as Louis
  • Lara Jill Miller as Haru
  • Kaiji Tang as Bill
  • Ben Diskin as Jack
  • Daman Mills as Kai
  • Erika Harlacher as Els

Beasters Season 3 Plot Synopsis:

The plot of Beastars revolves around a civilized society with the tension between herbivores and carnivores – tensions that peak up after a predation incident results in the death of Tem, a place in Cherryton Academy’s drama club. Tem’s friend, Legos, a stoic wolf in the stage crew who has been feared and held in suspicion all his life, decides to be on lookout duty.

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And that night, Legoshi and Haru cross paths for the first time. As their relationship matures, so does Legoshi’s realization of his feelings for this rabbit – complicated by predatory instincts which he struggles to control.


Beasters Season 3 Trailer Details:

Official information is not yet available, but a trailer for Beastars Season 2 might help you to imagine something about the third season.

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