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Use For My Talent Season 2: Renewal Status, Premiere Date, Storyline, Theme, Spin-Off Speculations and Cast Details!

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Fans of the show will be glad to know that “Use For My Talent Season 2” is coming back for a second season! The network has already renewed it and set an air date. But what can we expect from this new season? Read on to find out more about what’s in store!


Use For My Talent Season two has been renewed by ABC. The network announced this on Tuesday, April 19th! It will be back for another season of ten episodes in fall 2018. If the ratings are good, they could renew it again and use that is as a launchpad to revive all their other shows.


As a renewal has not yet been announced, we are unable to give an official release date. However, we can give a prediction of Season 2’s premiere based on the release of the previous season. The expected release date is for May 2022.

Season 1 released on 9th May 2021. Considering the average year-long gap between dramas is why we can expect a release date for May 2022, should the series be renewed.



The cast for Season One consists of:

Lee Joon (Park Sang Woo) as the MC and show’s leader, Park Sung Min (Lee Jin Kyung), a veteran actor who also acts in dramas like I Am Not A Robot. He is one of the mentors on Use For My Talent alongside Kim Mi Young aka Detective Hong Sun Ki from Memories Of The Alhambra. His character name has not yet been revealed but he plays an acting coach to train contestants; his role will be significant in this season judging by all those closeups while filming.

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Jung Yeon Ji as Jo Gi Soo, mentor at Lotte Academy where she trained one of use for my talent’s most successful actors so far — Shin Dong Yeop. She has a passionate personality and is always supportive of the contestants especially her protege Shin, but she’s also tough on them when necessary to push them beyond their limits;

Han Ji Min as Lee Jin Ah aka Kim Ha Neul who is an actress from Peppermint Cocoa Productions. Her character name; was not revealed; in this episode, but it’s clear; that she brings a different flavour; to Use For My Talent. Because unlike all other mentor characters so far — including Joon with his histrionics for drama scenes or Sung Min being serious even during laughter–she plays up every moment like they are dramatic events happening by herself.



The series will have a “Pick your own Adventure” theme that is similar to the original show. Contestants are asked to choose between two different paths, each with its own rewards and pitfalls; they can switch at any point if one path proves too difficult. The journeys in season two may be less physical than those from Season One, focusing more on mental challenges (similarly to how it was depicted during Joon’s journey).


Is the show worth binge-watching?

It is worth binge-watching if you are interested in the storyline and want to see what happens next.

Use for My Talent Season 2 Release Date Spoilers Review Watch Online Cast  Crew Story & Plot

Source: Dekh

If, however, you find yourself skipping episodes, it would be best not to binge-watch this show as there may be some content that will go over your head or make little sense.

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How many seasons of use for my talent have been released?

There have been two series so far with a third on its way. The first season was very short consisting of only five episodes while the second season was longer and had more than ten following Joon’s quest to become an actor again after being deserted by his family when he needed them most.

What has happened so far?

The story follows Joon Young (Nam Tae Hyun), a talented violinist and aspiring actor, who is on the verge of giving up his dreams when he has an opportunity to meet with top actress Hye Soo Jin (Lee Ji Eun). The two begin to date but as Joon Young’s popularity grows, she becomes more uncomfortable. He soon realizes that her true intentions are not what they seem.


Joon Young finds himself in a tough situation after being accused of sexual harassment by someone from his past. With no one willing to believe him due to his dark history, will he be able to clear his name?

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