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Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 3: Renewed? Everything we know so far – Plot, Cast, and Release Date!

Everythings goonna be okay

Talking about the third season of Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, we can’t help but wonder if there will be a new one. Season two ended on a cliffhanger and left us wondering what would happen next. The cast has been confirmed for the show, which is always good news! We’re also going to be getting some more baddies in this season. Here are all the details you need to know before watching ‍

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 3 Release Date:

‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’ season 2 premiered on April 8, 2021, on Freeform and concluded on June 3, 2021. The season has ten episodes in total, and every episode is around 20–45 minutes long. Season 2 focuses more upon romantic relationships, grief, and mental health. It projects serious issues in a way that is palatable and not too bleak.

Hence, viewers never know the time duration of a particular storyline revolving around its primary characters. This allows more creative freedom to the creators and also gives them the chance to keep expanding a particular narrative over multiple seasons. Moreover, Josh stated that he wants to see Matilda go to college, which is why he is open to exploring this storyline in the next edition. If the show does get greenlit for the third season, we can expect ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’ season 3 to release sometime in 2022.

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The Star Cast for Everything’s Gonna Be Okay:

Maximilian Knight as Matilda

Esme Bianco as Ava


Joshua James Corbin-Berry as Gabe

Nicholas Coghlan as Connor (Series Regular)

James Pendergast as Samuels (Series Regular)

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Sarah Titheradge-Dolleyas Elly, Jess’ former boss, and good friend. Clarissa Gurney, who plays the role of Dr. Anne, is also a series regular for season one.


Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 3 Plot:

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season three has been confirmed by its creator Josh on his Instagram post with a caption that reads ‘Season Three Confirmed’ followed by four emojis including two hands clapping, signifying applause. Season three of the series is yet to release, but we can expect it sometime in 2022.

Since seasons one and two, Everything’s Gonna Be OK has dealt with several topics such as religion, sexuality, gender identity, and mental health. We have not seen any official announcements yet on what will be tackled in this new season; however, given that season three deals with teenage years where everything seems uncertain, there may be some changes or developments in these themes.

Josh said he was “very happy” about being able to make another series for Netflix after posting an Instagram story showing him looking at his phone with the message ‘Season Three Confirmed.’ However, Josh admits they are still waiting to hear back from Netflix regarding whether the series will be back on the streaming platform.

Important Highlights for Everything’s Gonna Be Okay:

Struggles of mental health


Identity crisis, sexual orientation, and gender identity

Religion and spirituality in the face of tragedy

College life: academic study or professional career?

What’s New for Season Three?


In Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, we follow protagonist Josh as he navigates through his teenage years. In season one, Josh is a 14-year-old who has been diagnosed with OCD but does not take medication because it makes him feel anxious. He spends much of the series trying to figure out how he can manage his anxiety without taking drugs. In this third season set during college age (ages 18+), there will surely be more challenges that come along with growing up – which may include navigating through college life.

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Created by Australian comedian; Josh Thomas, ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’ follows; Nicholas, a man; in his twenties; obliged to spend his peak years; taking care of his two half-sisters. He receives shocking news; during a trip; to Los Angeles, where his father, before his death, reveals that his daughters Genevieve and Matilda; need someone; to look after them. Torn between grief and an urgent sense of responsibility, Nicholas has to start a new life, using whatever semblance; of will he has left in him.

The comedy-drama; first premiered on January 16, 2020. Upon its release, it garnered critical acclaim and positive response; from the audiences, mainly for its heartwarming narrative and the relevant themes it touches upon. The show has spawned; two seasons till now, and as far as the next one is concerned, here’s everything we know about ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’ Season 3!

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