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Wu Tang An American Saga season 2 what will be next?we know so far everything!

WU Tang An American

At the beginning of October, Wu-Tang Clan released their second album. They named it “A Saga Continues,” which has a lot to do with what is going on in the world today.

This new album was created after many years, and it was worth every minute of waiting! It comes from an angle that can be appreciated by all ethnicities and age groups. The songs are catchy but still maintain a sense of being old-school hip hop at the same time.

Release details:

The Wu-Tang Clan announced the existence of “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” Season 2 way back in January 2020 via their YouTube channel. Since then, neither Hulu nor the Wu-Tang Clan has released much in the way of information regarding the show’s ongoing development. Unfortunately, an exception has not been made for the second season’s release date.

It’s hard to estimate Season 2’s release date based solely on the announcement and release dates of Season 1. “An American Saga” Season 1 was originally announced in October 2018 (via Deadline). It would not officially release on Hulu until September 2019. With 11 months separating the announcement and release of the original season, fans can’t expect that exact schedule to unfold for Season 2, or it’d be out already. As the original announcement for Season 2 was made before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, one can only assume said pandemic has affected the turnaround time.



Phylicia Rashad: Aunt Esther, the protagonist of the series

Jada Pinkett Smith: Nema Tilghman-Williams, daughter of Phyl’s deceased sister and wife to her late brother Marcus Williams.

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Drea Delight Jones: granddaughter of Phyl and niece of Marcus, who is also a nurse in training at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

Nasir Ally: son (and eldest child) to Marcus and Nema with deep aspirations for his future but whose penchant for running afoul with the law makes fulfilling this dream difficult. He has been kicked out of school.


Christina Marie Beauregard, aka Chrissy B.: One of Nas’ best friends, she lives on an estate in suburban Virginia and is the daughter of a French diplomat.

Marcus Williams: deceased husband to Phyl’s sister.

Nema Tilghman-Williams: Marcus’ wife, who had two children with him before he died.

Kenny Harris: son (and youngest child) to Nema and Marcus with aspirations for his future in politics but who also has been struggling academically at times due to ADHD/ADD symptoms that have recently begun treatment by way of prescription medication.


About the story:

This is the second season of Wu-Tang an American Saga, a series on Brixton. The show tells the story of Kenny Harris and his family as they navigate their way through life in America’s most risky neighborhood. Season two will explore how these kids are growing up against all odds with high stakes for them and their community.

RZA Confirms U-God to be in Wu-Tang An American Saga S2 - Variety


The five-year-old boy from season one – who hung out at this gas station every day before school to get breakfast – had grown into an 18-year-old man now working two jobs while struggling to stay eligible for college football scholarships which have been lost because he was caught dealing drugs when cops raided a party where he’d just happened to be catering food.

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We meet new characters like Marcus (a.k.a “Handsome,” played by Broadway star Joshua Henry), who’s looking for a fresh start, and Kenny’s sister Olivia (played by J’Mon Moore, with best-selling author Tayari Jones as her guardian angel). In the season finale of this gripping series, we’ll find out what happens to our heroes when they’re faced with life or death situations that will test everything they’ve built so far – their family love, friendships, and community.

What Happens in Wu-Tang an American Saga Season Two?

Kenny Harris is now 18 years old raised on one side of America’s most dangerous neighborhood in Brooklyn. He’s taken his father’s place running the family business and is now living with a new girlfriend who he loves more than anything. Kenny also has an opportunity to attend Yale University on scholarship. Still, it means that he will be leaving everything behind, including his mother in jail, sister Olivia struggling as a single mom of two kids, and best friend J-Dawg – all still stuck back in Brownsville…

What Will Happen Next?

Wu-Tang, an American Saga Season Two, picks up right where last season left off at the height of one man’s meteoric rise against great odds from warring neighborhoods to international stardom. The second season follows three generations of Wu-Tang Clan members across 30 years as they create a sonic rite that would change hip hop forever.

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