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Wonder Woman 3: Premiere Date, Cast Speculations, Villain Updates, Expected Twists and Spin-Offs and Plot Details!

Wonder Woman 3

The Wonder Woman film series is yet to have a third instalment. However, we do know some details about it! The release date for Wonder Woman 3 is unknown as of now, but we are still expecting it to come out in 2022 or 2023. There will be many more twists and turns in this movie than the previous ones. What does that mean? Our favourite heroine has finally made her way back home after the events of the Justice League. But while she’s been gone, there have been many changes in our world- especially with the villains! Apart from Ares, who might just be making an appearance in WonderMana 3 too.

Release Date for “Wonder Woman” 3:

WB has not yet confirmed a release date for the sequel. We do know that Jenkins will write and direct, and she may have been working on the screenplay before Wonder Woman 1984’s Christmas debut. That said, there was a three-year gap between the first and second films.

It’s also worth noting that Jenkins is also directing Rogue Squadron, an upcoming Star Wars movie set in the era of the sequel. It’s unclear whether DC or Star Wars will take priority on the director’s very busy calendar.

With all that timeline in mind, Wonder Woman 3 might not hit theatres until late 2022 or 2023 at the earliest. Stay tuned. Christmas seems to work for Wonder Woman, even if that wasn’t a plan. So maybe Wonder Woman 3 will also release right around the holidays.


The Plot for Wonder Woman 3:

Wonder Woman; must contend; with another of her enemies, but this time he’s controlling; the minds and lives of people; across the world. Sameer; tells Wonder Woman; that they need to go back in time and stop Dr. Poison; before she became a threat; or else risk being killed; by her themselves! But will Steve Trevor’s; presence change anything?

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Wonder Woman; will face a new challenge; because she is faced; with an enemy that’s different; from any of them before; they need help, so Wonder Woman seeks assistance; from none other than Steve Trevor; who recruits his old friend Charlie (played by Ewan McGregor)! They both work together; to find Dr. Poison and end this conflict once and for all, with no chance for collateral damage; or casualties as much as it might take time away from their personal life.

Wonder Woman 3 Will Probably Be Set in Present Day, but Without Chris Pine | Vanity Fair

Source: Vanity

Expected Twists:

The villain is Dr. Poison (not at all a surprise), but Wonder Woman’s old enemy has different motives for what she does now; it turns out that she wants the world to be perfect without any conflict or negativity, so if Wonder Woman fails in her mission, they will both die! It’s one thing to stop an attack on New York City by Cheetah with Steve Trevor – stopping someone who controls minds across the globe? That sounds like quite another story altogether…

As usual, Wonder Woman finds herself up against a difficult opponent while also trying not to let anyone else get hurt because of their battles together; Sameer tells Diana that he’ll have to be the one to stop Poison, but Wonder Woman doesn’t want him hurt in her stead.

The ending of this film will also leave audiences with a very interesting cliffhanger that might just lead into another spin-off movie!


The Cast of Wonder Woman 3:

Gal Gadot is confirmed to return in the third instalment. Chris Pine, who reprised his role as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984, probably won’t be back since his character has died twice so far. In the second film, Steve returned because Diana wished on an ancient gem that granted one’s desire. However, Steve couldn’t come back to his own body (the man’s been dead since 1918!), so he took over the body of a nameless man. When Diana renounced her wish, Steve was gone once more, and so was Pine.

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The Wonder Woman franchise is known for hiring new actors and actresses to play iconic characters, so it’s not too hard of a stretch to believe that they will do the same with Steve Trevor. They could easily recast his role or hire someone else altogether. If Pine does return, though, it would just be as an out-of-body presence like he was in WW84.

Villain Speculations:

In regards to villains, fans have been speculating about Lyla Michaels since she seemed pretty angry at Diana during her presentation in Wonder Woman 1984. Plus, Diana mentioned how people who oppose women’s rights get more powerful every day (which seems oddly meta!), but we don’t know if this means anything yet! The only other villain we’ve been able to confirm is Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig.

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