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“Full Bloom” Season 2: Know the Cast, Release Date and Reviews

bloom Season 2

In The Full Bloom Season 1, we have seen that some relationships are blooming and even struggling with their love lives. What about in season 2? Here’s what you need to know about it: Meet the cast, check out the release date and reviews!

These are the casts and their roles:

Erica Durance is Vivian Bloom, a woman who has been through so much but still manages to stay hopeful for the future. Her husband’s affair with his co-worker leads her back into counseling, where she decides that she needs more change to move forward emotionally and wants to start exploring life outside of being a wife or mother. She takes up volunteering at an animal shelter where she meets Samantha Briggs (played by Katie Findlay), another volunteer also going through some relationship challenges due to cheating (or just too busy) spouses; old friends turned enemies; new teachers challenged with federal mandates about self-expression versus appropriate behavior; and her own mother, who still wants to see Vivian as the little girl she knew before.

Full Bloom Season 2 Premiere Release Date Revealed By HBO: S2 Renewed

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Katie Findlay is an American actress best known for portraying Samantha Briggs in “Full Bloom” season two. She was born on September 28th, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, to a Canadian father and an Australian-born mother of Dutch descent. Her family moved back to Vancouver when Katie was about four years old so that they could be close to their family members on both sides of the border (it’s unclear if this means less expensive living or just more space).

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What is the plot?

The storyline of Full Bloom season two is set in fictional suburbia. The plot largely revolves around the lives and relationships of middle-class parents, teenagers, teachers, and spouses, all living within the same school district. Various issues are covered, such as mental illness (depression), male/female dynamics in marriage, infidelity, drug abuse, amongst others.

What to expect?

Expect more hot topics to be addressed with both humor and sincerity; new characters that will stir up drama at home or work; an even greater focus on feminism while still covering themes like a socio-economic privilege; queer representation for adults and teens alike!


Vivian’s story picks up four years after her mother died when she was thirteen years old. Her dad, Peter (played by Jay R. Ferguson), has remarried, and Vivian is now the step-sister to Violet (Ella Rae Peck). She also begins dating for the first time in high school as she navigates her way through a new family dynamic while continuing to be best friends with her two childhood friends: Emaline (Chloe Bailey) and Noah (Tommy Dorfman).

Release date:

The most likely bet in the event the show gets picked up for another season would be that it airs at some point later in 2021. The first season debuted in November 2020, so at the very latest, we would expect the next season to follow a similar time frame. The COVID-19 pandemic still requires certain restrictions to remain in place during production, so it’s possible filming may take longer than what would normally be expected of a show like this. Of course, it would make a lot of sense for a flower-themed show to come out in the spring or summer when a lot of plants start to bloom naturally, but there’s just not enough information at this point.

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it will consist of eight episodes and a special teaser episode.


Reviews for Season One were mostly positive; however, some critiques included: “the show’s lack of representation (particularly in regards to LGBTQ+ characters), its heavy-handed feminism that sometimes borders on propaganda” and an overall feeling that “Fuller House – which has similar themes but less intensity – may be a more satisfying watch.” Critics tended not to mention any specific storyline or character as problematic. Critiques towards Season Two have been largely negative so far due to the absence of series creator Ilana Wernick who departed from production after completing the writing for the first six episodes.


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