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“Elite” Season 5 Cast, Review, Rating & Release Date: Know Everything

Elite Season 5

The wait is finally over! Elite season 5 cast, review, rating, and release date have been announced. This post will show you everything you need to know about the new elite season 5 cast, review, and release date.

Elite Season Five Cast

Álvaro Herrera  as Tadeo Andujar (Previously played by Juan Alfonso Baptista)

Ana Brenda Contreras as Amara La Negra (previously played by Karen Dejo)

Manuel “Flaco” Ibáñez as Héctor Suárez (Previously Played By Renzo Palmer).   The series is the story of a family that, after being separated for three years in Mexico, returns to Colombia with immigrant status. Their arrival will be marked by many adventures where they will get involved, including business, love, and politics. In addition to this new cast, the production of Rebel

Netflix Renews “Elite” For a Fourth Season | Teen Vogue

Source: Teen

and Esteban is completely new and will be played by Diana Maria Agudelo (formerly Karen Dejo) and Mauricio Henao, respectively. Each one with a story that will unfold in their arrival to Colombia after living years ago there. Elite Season Five Review & Rating

Rating of the season 5:

Elite season five has received an approval rating from IMDb of 93%! The series also maintains its high ratings on other websites such as TVSeriesFinale, where it has been rated at 100%. In addition, according to “The Hollywood Reporter,” El Rey Network’s elite season five was renewed for another year because they wanted to continue exploring the theme of immigration through this telenovela. Release Date For Elite Season Five

Elite Season 5 Premiere Date

There’s good reason to believe Elite Season 4 will premiere sometime in spring or summer of 2021 since the show wrapped filming on it back in December 2020. Provided no coronavirus pandemic-related filming delays get in the way, that means viewers can expect Season 5 to drop sometime in 2022.

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What is the plot of season 5?

The plot of the new season will be following the hunt for “El Patrón,” which is happening simultaneously with a presidential campaign.

Below is an overview of some important characters and what their roles might be:

Alonso Salazar has been struggling to escape his father’s shadow, all while trying to find contentment at home. His biggest challenge may come from within his own family as he tries to balance being both a son and a businessman;


Lana Montoya, Alonso’s wife, a woman ahead of her time who refuses to remain hidden behind closed doors like most traditional Mexican women. She stands side by side next to Alonso on this quest for power;

Elite season 5 trailer

There isn’t a trailer just yet, which isn’t that surprising. The fifth season hasn’t even been filmed yet to bring us anything.

We’re not expecting a trailer until about a month before the release date. There may be a teaser first, which will reveal the release date.

Elite season 5 synopsis

There isn’t a synopsis yet. Since Elite season 4 hasn’t been released yet, a synopsis for season 5 isn’t going to be released. It would give away the ending to the season still to come.


We’ll be sure to share as soon as we have something.

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