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Sweet Magnolias Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Cast Changes, Plot Details and All Unanswered Questions about the show!


Sweet Magnolias season 2: Netflix Release Date, Cast Changes, Plot Details, and All Unanswered Questions about the show! Who is going to be in Sweet Magnolias season 2? What are the changes for Sweet Magnolias season 2? Is there a release date for Sweet Magnolias season 2 on Netflix? And what happened to Tom Waverly’s character in Sweet Magnolias season 1? These questions and more will be answered.

When is the Sweet Magnolias season 2 release date?

Exciting news: Sweet Magnolias is back for another season! Although shooting started in mid-March, Netflix announced that season 2 wouldn’t be released until 2022, more than a year after the show’s initial release.

Several members of the cast have posted photos on Instagram, teasing fans about what’s to come in the new season. Joanna Garcia Swisher posted on Instagram, telling fans that she doesn’t have any spoilers, “but even if I did, I promise it will be worth the wait.”

What are the cast changes for Sweet Magnolias Season 2?

In the first season, Tom Waverly played Josh. However, he’s now been replaced by newcomer Gabriel Arcand for Season two.


The show also features many new cast members, including Evanne Friedmann (Nora), Stephanie Lee Martino (Lydia), and Brandon Kyle Goodman (Tommy).

However, even with these changes in place for Sweet Magnolias Season Two- fans are still asking, “What happened to Josh?” The answer will be revealed soon enough!

The Sweet Magnolias cast is also changing. Characters like Tom and Margaret have left the show, but it’s not all doom and gloom: they’re being replaced with some new characters who will be just as fun to watch! You’ll see a lot of change in Nora this season- from her style choices (hello grey hair!) to how she handles tricky situations.

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It might seem strange for me to say that I can’t wait for you guys to meet these new faces because I know them very well.


Who is starring as Nora?

Evanne Friedmann plays Nora on Sweet Magnolias Season One. She has starred in other popular TV shows like Shameless and House of Lies, but this marks her debut on a major series such as Sweet Magnolias!

Nora is the mother of Josh and his sister, Chloe. She’s a writer, an independent woman who has an opinion about everything- but especially her children.

She also plays Nora on Sweet Magnolias Season Two, where she will play a pivotal role in the show with her outspoken personality that often gets her into trouble or keeps people at arm’s length.

What can we expect from Sweet Magnolias Season 2?

Sweet Magnolias Season Two; will continue with the story; of Nora, getting her life back, on track and accepting new challenges; in front of her.


Nora’s unpredictable personality; is what makes Sweet Magnolias; so much fun to watch, but also scary; at times as she can’t help herself; from jumping headfirst; into a situation.

Sweet Magnolias season 2 is not coming to Netflix in June 2021

Source: Netflix

In season two; you’ll see that not only does Nora; still have an opinion; about everything- but especially people around her; she has learned to balance it; with self-awareness and compassion for others feelings.

Alongside this change, some other big changes are happening too: Josh (her son) moves out and starts his own business; which sets off a chain reaction; of trying to live without him; at home!

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Is “Sweet Magnolias” Season 2 worth watching?

The show is worth it and doesn’t disappoint! The only thing I would say that could be improved upon in the future is to add more conflict between the characters. It’s not necessary but just a personal preference of mine as I like seeing different aspects of what makes them who they are, which also strengthens their relationships with one another.

In addition to this critique, Sweet Magnolias season two truly remains consistent with what fans have come to expect from the series: heartwrenching moments mixed with hilarity- all wrapped up into one beautiful package for you to enjoy! You’ll find yourself falling head over heels again for Nora Walker, and she will never let you down 🙂


Who can watch Sweet Magnolias Season two?

Fans of the show who have Netflix will be able to see this new season on their screens. Additionally, if you are someone that missed out on watching Sweet Magnolias when it aired last year, you’ll get a chance to catch up by streaming the series from your laptop or tablet!

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