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Netflix’s New Animated Series: Wish Dragon Reviews, Plot Explained, Voice Artists, and Spoilers!

Dragon Wish

Netflix just released a new animated series called Wish Dragon! It is about an adventurer named Wish, who saves the life of a dragon. The dragon grants him one wish in return, and he asks for his parents to be alive again. But when they come back, they are not exactly as he remembers them.

When is the Wish Dragon Netflix release date?

Wish Dragon will be landing on Netflix on Friday, June 11th, 2021.

The American-Chinese picture will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix outside of China, where it already debuted in cinemas earlier this year.

What is the plot of “Wish Dragon”?

Wish Dragon is an animated adventure series with a medieval fantasy vibe. Wish, the protagonist of this story finds himself in the mountains after his family is killed by bandits, and he saves a dragon from certain death. He makes one wish to save its life, and the dragon grants it – but things don’t go as planned when Wish’s parents come back; they are not exactly as he remembers them.


The Wish Dragon is the last of its kind and hides among humans to survive – until Wish’s wish awakens a dormant power within him which will change everything in this world. The dragon becomes his partner on an adventure that will take them beyond any journey anyone has ever taken before…

What channel can I watch “Wish Dragon” on?

You’ll be able to catch all episodes on Netflix starting Friday, June 11th! You won’t need cable or satellite TV for access either; you just have to download the app onto your device and sign up with your email address (they also sometimes offer free trials). It really couldn’t be easier!

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If you’re wondering why you should watch Wish Dragon, then here are a few reasons why:

It has dragons for days! Did I mention this is an animated series?

The animation style really sets it apart from other popular children’s shows currently airing on TV.


There are so many awesome voice actors who lend their voices to the show that your child will likely recognize and adore.

The storyline features themes of teamwork, friendship, family bonds, responsibility, and growing up – which parents might enjoy as well! So they don’t have to feel like they’re always babysitting.

What languages is “Wish Dragon” available/streaming?

English, Spanish and Japanese.

*NOTE: I recommend adding a sentence about how you can watch it on Netflix anywhere in the world without worrying if there are subtitles for your language or not.*


What is Wish Dragon’s genre?

Wish Dragon falls under the category of children’s animated series, comedy sitcoms. It seems to be geared towards Kindergarten through grade school-age students (but adults might enjoy this show too). The animation style has been described as “cute” by many critics – which makes sense! As we all know, kids love cute things 🙂

Wish Dragon | Netflix Official Site


Who are the voice actors/cast for “Wish Dragon”?

The voice actors/actresses include Ryan Potter, who played Hiro Hamada in Big Hero Six) who plays Wishworld protagonist Wish; Tara Strong, who played Timmy Turner in The Fairly OddParents ) as Wish’s sidekick/best friend; and Kimberly Brooks (who voiced Lucy van Pelt in Peanuts) as the protagonist Wish Dragon.

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Who can watch Wish Dragon?

It has been deemed safe for all audiences, which means it is appropriate to watch with your kids but would not contain any content that you might find offensive.

What did I think of the new series?

I loved it! It was such a fun watch with great voice acting from all three main characters. The animation style also reminds me of Avatar to some extent, but don’t let that deter you if you’re not really into CGI animated films. If anything, it just adds another dimension to this already captivating show! In terms of quality, Wish Dragon seems like Netflix’s next big hit – so be sure to start watching it as soon as you can!


When Wish’s homeworld gets invaded by the Empress of Evil, he must transform into his dragon form to save them from her dark magic. But when Wish becomes lost in an unfamiliar land called Earth, only one human can help him fulfil his destiny and return to Wishworld… You guessed it – our protagonist, Allie (voiced by Tara Strong).


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