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Why Did HBO Delay The Animated Royal Family Satire “The Prince”? New Release Date, Plot Details, Cast Members, and Rumours!

The Prince HBO Max

HBO is notoriously tight-lipped about their programming, and they are doing a great job of keeping the details surrounding The Prince under wraps. The only thing we know for sure is that it will be an animated royal family satire created by Emmy Award-winning writer Michael Price and executive produced by Conan O’Brien. And now, we have a release date!

The Prince was originally set to premiere on HBO this fall but has since been pushed back to 2022. The company has not given out any official reasoning behind the delay, but some rumours speculate that it could be due to animation problems or issues with voice actors. Other people think this may just be part of the show’s marketing strategy to build more hype for the show.

What is The Prince on HBO Max about?

Family Guy writer Gary Janetti is behind The Prince, which was inspired by his Instagram account. The account gently mocks the Royal Family with wildly exaggerated Photoshopped images and memes featuring future heir Prince George. Janetti’s account has seen posts going viral with the young heir transformed into a witty youngster full of putdowns.

Viewers can expect silly storylines featuring Prince George and his siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

How Katy Perry Convinced Orlando Bloom to Play Prince Harry in HBO Max's 'The Prince' – The Hollywood Reporter

Source: The Hollywood

Given the large cast, other members of the Royal Family will have a part to play, but it looks like Prince George will be the star of the show.

When will The Prince be released on HBO Max?

The Prince has yet to get a release date from HBO Max, but hopefully, it could be sooner rather than later.

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Also, it’s unclear at this stage whether The Prince will be dropped in one go or whether it will be aired weekly.

Why was “The Prince” delayed by HBO max?

Some rumours speculate that The Prince was delayed because of animation problems or issues with voice actors. Other people think this may just be part of the show’s marketing strategy to build up more hype for it. Some also believe the delay had something to do with Prince Phillip’s sudden collapse.

What are some positives and negatives about “The Prince”?

There are a lot of things; that could end up being good features. As well as problematic features; for example, we don’t know much about what the plot; is yet, so there isn’t really anything negative; we can say about it; from what little information; we have already! A positive would be that, with the lack of publicity; for The Prince so far, this means it’s likely going to be a really big surprise; when people finally see what all the fuss is about.


What are some rumours surrounding “The Prince”?

Some say that Will Smith; will voice one of the royals. While others believe Oprah Winfrey; is voicing Queen Elizabeth II. There have been many different guesses; as to which member of royalty; might be voiced by Idris Elba or Angelina Jolie. But nothing has yet been confirmed. Some think there won’t even be any celebrities; lending their voices; instead, they’re just hiring; unknown of the Royal Family; each celebrity will voice, but nothing has been confirmed.

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What are some plot details?

Based on what we know so far about The Prince, it’s a show that follows various members of the British monarchy and their families as they try to modernise without undermining centuries of tradition. The royals have always faced criticism for being out of touch with reality; however, in this satirical animated series, there is no denying these people are human after all!

It seems like “The Prince” might be a mix between Kingsman: The Secret Service and Black Mirror season three episode ‘Hang the DJ.’ Check back here for updated information when HBO announces its release date or posts new promotional material. In the meantime

What are some common rumours?

The Prince will be a British version of the popular American show The Simpsons, which is also about an animated family. This would make sense given that Matt Groening, who created The Simpsons and Family Guy, has been working on this series! Rumours have it the cast includes Idris Elba as Queen Elizabeth II’s husband Philip Mountbatten, Angelina Jolie as Princess Margaret. Other celebrities reported to be involved in The Prince include Hugh Laurie (Prince Charles), Emma Thompson (Duchess Camilla Parker-Bowles), and Benedict Cumberbatch (King George VI).


However, it turns out to be a huge hit when it did release in 2020 or later–I’m sure there will be plenty of people eagerly awaiting its premiere on HBO. I’ll keep you updated as details come in about this new show, but for now, you can check out my blog post on why HBO delayed the animated royal family satire “the prince”? new release date, plot details, cast members, and rumours! at

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