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Gentleman Jack Season 2: Release Date And More

Gentle man Jack

The second season of Gentleman Jack is finally here! The new show picks up where the first left off. We see Connie’s relationship with her father, Johnny, take a turn for the worst as he tries to get her back on his side of the law. Meanwhile, there are two major love interests in Connie’s life – one who she met during the first season and another that we meet this season. Finally, there is trouble brewing between some old friends and lovers from both sides of town; will they be able to come together, or will their personal battles destroy them all?

Gentleman Jack season 2 Release Date:

BBC has not announced a start date for season 2. The Gentleman Jack account on Twitter announced in May that filming had been temporarily disrupted. Given that the new Season will be shown on HBO in the US, this suggests a winter 2021 release date or possibly early 2022.

The Gentleman Jack cast and crew are taking a break from film production for the summer. There will be six months of filming soon, out of eight total.

Gentleman Jack Season 2 Filming Has Been Postponed


Plot Synopsis Of Gentleman Jack Season 2:

After concluding the first series, Gentleman Jack Season 2 will track Anne Lister and Ann Walker as they live together in Shibden Hall. Though the story was set in Yorkshire in 1833, they are unlikely to live a peaceful married life together as their relationship continues to stir controversy.

The second season of Gentleman Jack will feature plenty of “big, bold stories” about the couple.


Sally Smith says, after hearing the drama’s new season is launching, “We’ve had such a positive response from viewers to Suranne Jones’ exuberant performance as life-affirming Anne Lister and Sophie Okonedo’s beautiful performance as her courageous partner Ann Walker.”

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“We are so excited that the BBC has commissioned a second season of Gentleman Jack because there are still many more big, bold stories to tell about Anne Lister and Ann Walker.”

Cast Details Of Gentleman Jack Season 2:

Joanna Scanlan is joining the cast, Anne. Joanna’s character, Isabella Northcliff, will be a wealthy heiress who is married to John Beckwith. The show will also feature Timothy West as Mr. Rivers. Season 2 of Gentleman Jack will consist of eight episodes.

“I’m so thrilled that I will be joining Sally Wainwright on the next season of Anne,” Suranne said. “We always dreamed there would be more, and now we get to play it all out.”


“Thank you to the BBC, HBO, and Lookout Point who are producing another Gentleman Jack season 2. I am excited about working with my brilliant co-star Sophie Rundle for another 10 episodes.”

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