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A Million Little Things Season 4: What Can You Expect? Know Everything Here

A million Little Things Season 4

A Million Little Things Season 4 is finally here! This season has a lot of twists and turns that you won’t want to miss out on. If you’re wondering what’s going to happen in the next episode, then read below for all of the juicy details.

What will be new in Season 4?

A Million Little Things Season Four will focus on the series of events that unfold when one member of a group therapy session, Dave (James Roday), goes missing. The group members have no choice but to start looking for him and try to find out what might have happened. If you want more information about where he could be or why this is happening, then tune in to the next episode!

The season also features an intriguing new character named Alex Barnett Tune in and watch her story unfold–you won’t regret it!

You’ll see some familiar faces return with mixed reactions as they adjust back into their lives after going through several difficult experiences throughout the previous.


A Million Little Things Season Four what can you expect?

A whole lot of exciting things are in store for the show’s newest season! The series will focus on Dave, who goes missing during his group therapy session with other members of the support group, and they have to find him or figure out where he is. There is also a new character Alex Barnett coming this season that will be interesting to watch unfold over time as she navigates through tough situations–you won’t regret tuning in and watching her story play out either!

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One thing that may not seem so surprising after going through previous episodes is seeing some familiar faces return during the fourth season with mixed reactions about returning into their lives following many difficult experiences.

Fans can also expect to see the cast dealing with some of the same problems they went through before, such as addiction and family issues that have been unresolved.

This season will be an emotional rollercoaster for viewers–and one you won’t want to miss! You’ll get some closure in places where it might not seem like there could be any, but just when you think everything is going great, something else happens that makes everyone question themselves all over again. There are so many twists and turns your head may spin watching this week after week!


Premiere details of season 4?

The past season premiered on September 26, 2018. The finale aired on December 11, 2018.

What time does the show air?

A Million Little Things Season Four starts at 12:00 am ET/PT with a two-hour episode every Tuesday night and finishes up in 2019 with ten episodes total. All episodes of A Million Little Things Season Four will be available to stream or download after each broadcast date on ABC! So set your DVRs, so you don’t miss out on any single second for this exciting new season!

Schedule: Premieres Sept 26th – Finale Dec 11th

Time slot: Tuesdays starting at 12 am EST (midnight) PT (Pacific Time) On Wednesday



so far, the show is averaging a rating of 0.24

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Where can I watch it?

You can only watch the series live on TV through these networks; ABC (US), CTV Two (Canada), and Ten Network (Australia). You can watch previous seasons of AMC online if you missed them on TV in the US.

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