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Space Force Season 2: Plot News, Release Date, Cast Members, Spoilers and Rumours!

Space Force Season 2

The Space Force Season 2 trailer has been released! The new season will be on Netflix in 2020. It is a comedy TV series about the US Space Force. This article provides an overview of the cast and spoilers for Space Force Season 2, as well as news and rumours.

Space Force season 2 release date:

Space Force season 2 is coming to Netflix sometime in 2022, most likely. There’s a chance that we could see the new season on Netflix by the end of the year, but with production starting this late in the year, they need to wrap by the end of summer, and probably a month and change before that, for season 2 to be released in 2021.

Right now, we’re expecting a spring or summer 2022 release date. A lot is riding on this next season, and Netflix should give it the proper promotion that it deserves.

Space Force cast:

The Space Force cast is made up of Tim Kilkenny, Lisa Arch, Jane Seymour, and Alex Skarlatos. They’re in space to train for a mission that will take them out into the galaxy, where they need to find a new planet to live on because Earth has been destroyed by climate change.


Liam Hemsworth joins season two as Nathaniel Starks (the love interest of Lisa Arch’s character). Other guest stars include Aidan Quinn and Rick Rossovich (both from “Terminator”).

Nicole Dufour plays Dr. Zira Vroncheltzov, who trains both Nate and his girlfriend Zoey Rayburn during their time at SPACE FORCE Academy. She helps train them in combat, survival, and how to work together on a team.

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Richard Riehle plays General Marcus Agrion, who is Space Force’s head of security.

Greg Dulcet plays Dr. Hugo Silverstein, the Headmaster at SPACE FORCE Academy who has ultimate authority over all students’ grades and behaviour; he oversees everything that goes on there, including exams.


The alien species Yutani from “Alien” makes an appearance with their leader Shira Vroncheltzov played by Helena Bonham Carter (Zoey’s Mum). She joins forces with General Agrion for unknown reasons, but her intentions are not entirely clear… will she help or hinder our heroes?

Rumours about Space Force Season 2:

There are plenty of rumours about what might happen next, but not much has been confirmed by either Netflix or the cast themselves. Apparently, Liam Hemsworth’s character Nathaniel Stark could go head-to-head with Alex Skarlatos’ character Matt Albright for Lisa Arch’s Anna Hall in this series finale? That would make sense, given that she decides to stay behind on Earth when everyone else goes back to the United Space Federation.

Current Status:

Season two is not yet confirmed by Netflix, but rumours persist that it’s in production or will be soon. The cast members have been spotted filming, and there are reports of a possible release date at some point this year, so get ready for more adventures!

How many Seasons will Space Force have in total?

Space Force season 2 - Release date, cast and what will happen

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Space Force is in its second season. Season two has not been confirmed by Netflix, but it’s rumoured to be coming this year, so get ready for more adventures!

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The Plot of Space Force Season 2:

Space Force is a show that’s been on Netflix for just over one year. It sees the journey; of astronaut Mike Bell as he deals; with life after his wife dies in a car accident. Including going to work at NASA, where she used to be employed. The first season; had some great moments, but it failed to live up to expectations; when we were promised, an epic conclusion.


What will happen? There are rumours all over the internet; about what may or may not happen; in the next series. Apparently, Space Force season two; will see the gang of NASA astronauts; go on a dangerous mission; to save Earth from an asteroid. So far, we have also seen some snippets of footage hinting at what could be going down – and it looks like there’s going to be a lot more drama this time around!

Different perspectives on the story – it would be nice if there were some scenes where we got inside the heads of other people in NASA as well as Ethan’s crew because, at times, this felt like less of an ensemble piece than a one-man show!

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