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Raised By Wolves filming Began for Season 2! What can we expect – Cast Members and Storyline.

Raised By Wolves

The Raised By Wolves cast and crew have begun filming for Season 2! What can we expect from the characters in this season? Who are the new faces that will be joining us on our journey? Let’s take a look at some of the things you should know about Raised By Wolves.

Release Date Updates:

Raised By Wolves Season two will be airing in the summer of 2022.

The show is set to premiere on Netflix worldwide; at the same time. This means we’ll all have a chance to binge-watch!

Imagine being able to literally go anywhere, with your favourite characters and storyline, while you’re staying home for days or weeks; without even moving from your couch? Amazing right?!


It’s not yet known how many episodes this season will consist of, but it’s safe to say that there are going to be plenty more heart-stopping moments coming up for us fans!

What can we expect from Season 2 of Raised by Wolves?

We can expect Raised by Wolves to be as gripping and intense this upcoming season.

The trailer is already making us nervous, with scenes of the wolves being hunted down like prey! And it looks like one wolf might have died in a dramatic fall from high up on a tree branch – so we know there’s an exciting storyline coming our way for sure!

Season two will focus more on the lives of these animals living in their natural habitat rather than how they cope after being raised by humans – which is what Season One was about. This means that viewers will finally get to see where all those voiceovers came from during last season’s episodes (I’m looking at you, narrator!). The show creators are also keen on giving viewers a glimpse into the fierce and brutal world of wolves.


The second season will be four episodes long, with each episode being 30 minutes in duration. This is a big shift from Season One, which consisted of six episodes that were an hour-long each!

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We can’t wait for Raised by Wolves to return, but we don’t know when it’ll happen yet as there’s no official release date announced for the new TV show just yet! Stay tuned – who knows? They might even announce something before Christmas this year.

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Source: The Indian

Cast and Characters of Raised by Wolves Season 2:

Mia – a young wolf who is just beginning to learn about her powers and how the Pack operates. Her life was turned upside down after being abducted by humans, but she’s now determined to do whatever it takes for revenge against them and reclaiming what they took from her! Mia will be played by teen actress Raquel Rose (Sky High). If you’re not familiar with this talented actor yet, here are some of her films: Hocus Pocus TV series, American Horror Story: Cult, Chuckie Grows Up.

Tala Jayne – leader and alpha female of the Pack. She’s an authoritative figure and fights fiercely when protecting those around her, especially those that have been brought into.

Kira – a wolf who is the Alpha’s daughter and heir to his throne. She struggles with her role in leading the Pack because of how she was raised but still does what has to be done for their sake. Kira will be played by actress Kristina Reyes (Raising Cain). You might have seen this talented actor on other shows: Raised By Wolves; The Haunting of Hill House Season one-three; Love Simon.


Storyline Preview:

Mia tries to find out why she is different from all the others while everyone else around her expects something great from her. Meanwhile, Kira finds herself torn between two people that are important for very different reasons – Liam or Ryan? And then there are new members added to the pack who have a lot to teach them about their place in society.

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As noted by an article from Deadline Hollywood titled “Raised By Wolves Season Two Begins Filming In Canada,” The series is created by Don Carmody and Jim Dunn. The first season of Raised by wolves debuted last year with eight episodes that had not been aired yet when filming began for season two; it’s unclear how much has already been filmed, but we’ll be able to see new episodes as early as Summer 2022. So what can viewers expect in Raised By Wolves Season two now that

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