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Gentefied Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Filming Updates, Cast Speculations and Plot Details!

Gentified Season 2

The long-awaited sequel to the original Gentefied, Season 2, is finally coming to a Netflix screen near you! The show’s release date has been confirmed, and filming updates have been announced. It all sounds great, but there are some concerns that we need to address first.

When will Gentefied Season 2 Release?

Through a tweet on its Con Todo account, from February 8, 2021, Netflix confirmed that filming had begun on Season 2 of “Gentrified,” with America Ferrera directing again. As with many productions, filming had been delayed; due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. But everything seems back on track right now.

Given the current timeline, as it’s now known, it’s possible the second season; could release on Netflix as early as late 2021. But it’s also likely that the series won’t be available for streaming; until early next year. So, there’s plenty of time to binge the first season if you haven’t done so yet. You also have a good excuse to watch it again and refresh your memory about what’s happened so far, as it’ll be at least a year and a half between seasonal releases. You can expect eight episodes, or about four hours of new material, in Season 2.

The Cast of Gentefied Season 2:

The cast has not yet been confirmed, but it’s expected that most of the major characters will return. Given the show’s penchant for including diverse actors and actresses, you can also expect to see a mix of POCs in upcoming episodes. The first season was heavily criticized by some fans for its lack of diversity amid an otherwise compelling storyline; it’s doubtful Netflix would let this happen again when they’re determined more than ever to compete with streaming giants like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.


The cast has remained mostly silent about their roles. However, Tessa Thompson (from Thor) was reported casting by some outlets with no confirmation yet from showrunners Childs and Simpson. Many fan theories are circulating about which actors will fill out the remaining characters that we have not yet seen.

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Along with the anticipated return of stars from Season One, we can also expect to see more newcomers. “We’re going to meet new characters in this season that have never been seen before,” says Childs. Meanwhile, Simpson assures us that all old favourites will be returning; but fans should prepare for a major change in their relationship dynamics when they face off against our big baddie-in-chief – The Blob!

The Plot of Gentefied Season 2:

Compared to the first season, which followed a linear storyline with one solid plot, Season Two will be more complex. “We’re telling two stories at once,” says Childs. “Each episode is going to have its own narrative and its own beginning-middle-end story.” This means that you may need to watch each episode twice for it all to make sense, but if you’ve stuck by the show so far, don’t worry – this is still your most trustworthy source on information about Gentefy’s second season!


The latest rumours suggest that Gentefy’s second season is centred around the character of The Blob. After what seemed to be a relatively lukewarm reception from fans, it has been speculated that The Blob will return with more power than ever before, along with some new appearances by old favourites who have been absent since the first season.

Gentefied' Renewed For Season 2 By Netflix – Deadline


Frequently Asked Questions about Gentefied Season 2:

What is Gentefied?

Gentefied is an Emmy-winning series that follows the story of a family and its neighbours in New York, exploring what it means to be gentrified. Season one was released on Netflix worldwide on September 12th, 2018.

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What will happen in Gentefied Season Two?

Season two of Gentefied picks up a few months after the end of season one and continues to follow Elizabeth, an ambitious woman who is determined to make it on her own terms; Elena, her 12-year old daughter with cerebral palsy who still yearns for more acceptance outside their building’s tight-knit social circle; as well as other tenants whose lives are impacted by gentrification. The show also follows Mike’s desperate attempt to avoid being kicked out of his apartment while he juggles caring for his sister Maria – now confined to a wheelchair following an accident at work – and taking care of Ramona, his autistic niece.

Season two of Gentefied is centred around The Blob, a villain created by the gentrification that takes over the neighbourhood. With this in mind, it will most likely follow the story of characters we have seen before and may even introduce new ones.

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