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“Knives Out” To Get A Sequel! Netflix Release Date, Cast Speculations and Story Details!

Knives Out 2

The highly anticipated sequel to the popular movie Knives Out has been announced! Netflix will be releasing it in 2022. The cast is yet to be determined, and many fans are wondering if Daniel Craig or Jamie Lee Curtis will return for the sequel. In addition, there is no information about what the story will entail. We’ll just have to wait until 2022 to find out more!

Knives Out 2 Release Date:

Knives Out 2 was officially given the go-ahead; by production company; Lionsgate in February 2020. But the COVID-19 pandemic; prevented filming from starting.

Now the movie has a new home; on Netflix. And with filming set to commence on 28th June 2022, the sequel could be released; as early as next year.

Knives Out 2: Sequel Release Date, Story Details, Where To Watch

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The full cast; of Knives Out 2 hasn’t been announced yet. But we do know that Daniel Craig will be returning, in the lead role as Benoit Blanc. And we expect several other big names; to join him in due course.

Kate Hudson is the latest star reported; to be attached to the film; her casting comes days after news; that the movie had hired Leslie Odom Jr. following his Oscar nomination for One Night in Miami.


Another star who appears to have signed on is Dave Bautista, whose involvement was reported by Deadline on 10th May – although Netflix has not confirmed the news at this stage. Deadline followed up with a report on 11th May saying that Edward Norton has also been cast in the film, although again, there is no official word from Netflix just yet.

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It’s set in London, so it could involve a new detective duo with kids as sidekicks? Knives Out star Jamie McEwan has been mentioned, but nothing confirmed at this stage.


Knives Out was originally due for release before the COVID-19 pandemic halted production. Now the original film will get a sequel that reunites detective duo Martin Beck and Gunvald Larsson with their grown-up kids – played by Jamie McEwan (Martin) and Alba Augustson (Gunvald).

The story follows the two detectives who return from retirement when they’re called upon to investigate an unsolved murder case involving senior politicians and businessmen. And since it’s set in London, we could see them.


The sequel will be set in London, with Knives Out star McEwan reuniting with his older co-star Alba Augustson for a new detective duo. There are still no confirmed castings at this stage, and the release date is not known yet, but it’s likely to be some time next year when filming starts on 28th June 2022.

We’re expecting more details about Knives Out II soon, so watch this space! If you have any casting suggestions or story ideas, then feel free to pop them into the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Knives Out Sequel:

What will Knives Out II be about?

No one knows yet, but we can expect a new detective duo and an unsolved murder case. It’ll probably have something to do with government corruption because of the use of ‘unsolved murders’ in the synopsis, or it might just feature more crimes that take place in London. We’re also expecting appearances from Shaw and Kennedy from Knives Out I, so you never know!

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It’s likely to centre around political scandals like the MPs expenses scandal, which was uncovered by The Daily Telegraph newspaper back in 2009 – 2010. This could make for some interesting viewing, especially if they adopt inspiration from other real-life events such as Watergate (1972), where President Nixon’s staff attempted to cover up their connection to the break-in at Democratic National Committee headquarters.


A new murder mystery series is coming to Netflix! Knives Out II will be set in London and could feature actors from Knives Out I, such as James Norton, who played detective Jack Shaw or Jodie Comer, who played Sarah Kennedy.

Knives Out 2 trailer: Any Knives Out 2 footage yet?

We don’t have any footage yet of Knives Out 2, but we’d hope that when filming starts, we might get some first-looks at the cast in action. That might just be wishful thinking on our part, though.

Otherwise, we probably won’t see any footage from the movie until some point in 2022.

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