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The Last Kingdom Season 5 Updates: Is it Worth Watching?

The Lst Kingdom Season 5

If you are a fan of the medieval drama The Last Kingdom, then this article is for you! Season 5 has just started airing in the UK, and we want to know if it’s worth watching. To answer that question, let’s take a look at where season 4 left us and what changes have been made for season 5.

In season four, King Alfred’s Wessex army is in a dangerous position. They are surrounded by Vikings and have little food or supplies left. In the opening scene of this episode, we see that things can only get worse for them as Guthrum demands to know where they keep their horses? The show does not answer this question, but it seems like an ominous sign.

Is there any change in the new season?

The good news is that there are some changes made for Season five! It will be set during AD 978, which means you’ll finally learn what became of Uhtred and his family after he was captured last year at Dunholm Castle – although with director Anna Fricke coming on board, who knows if those plans still hold true… But one thing’s for sure: it’ll be more dramatic than ever.

What is the show about?

The Last Kingdom Season five will see Uhtred try and make a life for himself as King of Wessex while still holding on to his dream of one day retaking Northumbria from the Danes; Bishop Wulfstan struggles with how much he can trust the former Viking Earl Ragnar; Alfred grapples with whether or not he should take up arms again to protect what’s left of his kingdom; Aethelred discovers that there are many ways to fight other than just going head-to-head against an enemy army (a lesson learned all too well by some Vikings); Judith finds herself drawn deeper into politics at court when she’s asked to serve as the king’s eye and report back on what she sees; and, last but not least – young Guthrum is determined to forge his own destiny.


What are people saying about it?

It doesn’t matter how much time has passed since season one aired in 2015: The Last Kingdom still manages to resonate with audiences like no other show before or since… This sets a high standard for the upcoming fifth series (which will air later this year).

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How can you watch it?

You can watch for free on Hulu, or you can purchase it from iTunes if you want to own the whole series (in HD) in one go; but The Last Kingdom is also available as an Amazon Prime Video exclusive, which means that paying customers have instant access to all five seasons. Note: Season two is only available through Amazon Prime Video at this time.

What’s next?

The Last Kingdom airs every Friday night at am EST on BBC America, and new episodes of season five will be streaming every Friday night for the foreseeable future.

The Last Kingdom' Renewed for Season 5 at Netflix - Variety


What’s new?

Season five picks up where season four left off, with Uhtred’s son Alfred attempting to take his rightful place as king and combat King Sigeric’s claim that he is illegitimate. The stakes are high on both sides; but if there was ever a time when Uhtred had an opportunity to return home and help lead Wessex into victory against Guthrum, it would be now. And this battle could very well end everything!

The last kingdom spoilers: What about Season six?

Production has begun in Belfast City Council Studios (Northern Ireland) for a sixth series of the show – though so far no release date has been announced. Season seven, however, is a different story: there’s no confirmed production start or release date for the seventh series of The Last Kingdom.


Is it worth watching?

The answer is yes! There may be fewer episodes than seasons past, but viewers who have loved all that came before can rest assured that they’re in good hands once again. Season five seems poised to take everything great from previous seasons and return with a bang.

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