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American Horror Story Season 10 Updates: Reasons to Watch with Detailed Information

American Horror Story

American Horror Story Season 10 is happening!

Here are the reasons to watch and what you need to know about it.

1) The season will be a crossover with two of the show’s most popular seasons: Murder House (Season 1) and Coven (Season 3).

2) Lady Gaga confirmed that she would be starring in this season. We’ll see her as “The Countess,” who was seen on Coven before being resurrected during the first episode of Freak Show.

3) This season will have an all-new story, rather than trying to continue from where we left off last year with Roanoke.


As you can see, there’s a lot of information to share about American Horror Story Season 11.

how will this season be different from the past seasons?

This is going to be an all-new story that we haven’t seen before in previous seasons, so it’ll be something fresh and exciting! I also think because they’re bringing in fan-favorite actors like Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, and Sarah Paulson; fans are just excited for what horrors await us when it premieres this September 12th at its usual time of Wednesdays at nine PM ET/PT with two episodes back-to-back.

I hope these reasons have given you more insight into why people should watch American Horror Story Season 11 when it premieres this September 12th.

A lot of people are excited for American Horror Story 11 because they’re bringing in fan-favorite actors like Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, and Evan Peters, among others, to the cast! I think that’s a big reason why more fans should watch.

American Horror Story' Season 10: Everything We Know So Far | Glamour


Premiere details:

you can see there has been an all-new story with past seasons, so we’ll be getting something fresh and exciting which is always great! The season will premiere on Wednesday, September 12 at its usual time: Wednesdays at nine PM ET/PT with two episodes back-to-back every week.

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what are you expecting in a new season?

This year’s theme is based on the idea that there are monsters (and other terrifying creatures) living among us, and we’ll get to know more about them. It seems like a lot of fans are excited for this season because they’re bringing in fan-favorite actors like Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, and Evan Peters, among others, to the cast! I think that’s a big reason why more people should watch American Horror Story 11.

How many episodes are there going to be this season? What’s it about?

The season will have ten episodes so far, and it’s still not clear what they’re going to be about this season.

More details on the show are coming out today, including that there might be a crossover with Murder House? This is really exciting because I loved how Season one was linked together!

There may or may not be any crossovers, but we do know for sure that Sarah Paulson (who played Billie Dean Howard in Murder House) will return as Constance Langdon-a woman who has been dead since 1926-in some capacity. We also know Kathy Bates’ character from Coven will make an appearance which would tie both seasons three and four into one storyline if she plays Madame LaLaurie again.


Why should you watch it?

It’s not 100% confirmed that there would be any crossovers, but if it does happen and every season is intertwined, then this could be the best season yet! All of your favorite characters from all seasons are coming back for one great reason. You don’t want to miss out on what happens in the end-it might change everything we know about American Horror Story.

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What else do you need to know?

Expect creepy twists. They haven’t released a trailer or much detail at all so far other than they’re going to have ten episodes (the same number as Roanoke). But Ryan Murphy has said: “Every year, you will see how different TV shows take on horror and how different characters are affected by it.”

Suppose you’re worried about the new season not living up to your expectations, then why don’t we go back through all of American Horror Story with a timeline infographic! You’ll be able to see just what happened in every single season, from Murder House right up until Cult.

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