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All The Reviews, Updates Cast and Plot of Netflix’s Bold Type Season 5

Bold Type

The Bold Type Season 5 is finally here! We’ll be taking you through everything that’s happened in the first few episodes of this season. This includes reviews, updates, cast, and plot details, as well as thoughts from our editor-in-chief on what we’re most excited about for The Bold Type Season 5. Stick around to find out more!

It’s a real season five! We definitely saw growth in storytelling and character development in this premiere, which made us excited for what is to come as we dive into these episodes. It feels like that time has finally arrived where they can tackle all sorts of storylines from difficult topics such as abortion to mental illness without feeling too heavy-handed about it because they’ve done their due diligence over four seasons at establishing characters and their relationships with one another while also tackling some really tough issues. This was an exciting start, even if there were parts that didn’t work as well for us.

The storyline of the new season:

The season opens with Jacqueline getting ready to take a vacation from her job as CEO, and while she is excited about the break, we know that it won’t be all fun in the sun since some major shakeups are happening at Scarlet Media.

Jane is still absorbing everything that happened between herself and Adena this past summer, but they have been doing their best to heal after what took place; meanwhile, Jane starts on a new romance with someone who doesn’t quite understand why she would ever choose work over them.


Sutton has had enough of being treated like garbage by Richard, so when he’s injured during an attack on him made by his employees, Sutton takes matters into her own hands and goes to the hospital where he’s being treated.

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Kat is still in a relationship with Nicole despite her break up with Adena after seeing Jane kissing Adena at an event, but she doesn’t know how much longer she can handle it; meanwhile, Kat starts asking around about what happened between Scarlet Media’s CEO and his former assistant during Season four which leads her down another path of trouble for herself.

Aria has been promoted by Jacqueline into the managing editor position, so now that she is finally on top of things, Aria must figure out who she wants to be as an individual and not just someone working for someone else.

Jane continues to work hard while wondering if there will ever come a time when people see more than just a “former addict” when they look at her.


Sutton is still having issues with her new boss, and it’s not all going to plan for Scarlet Magazine as Jacqueline struggles with the day-to-day affairs of how to keep things running smoothly in such tumultuous times while also trying to figure out what she wants from life now that she has finally become CEO again — or does she?

Katie continues on assignment alongside Sutton as they are sent down south to cover some groundbreaking criminal justice reform legislation and activists fighting against them; meanwhile, Kat starts using their story as an opportunity for something more personal than just reporting: self-reflection.

The casting of season 5:

Aisha Dee as Katie Stevens

Meghann Fahy as Jane Sterling


Nikohl Boosheri as Adena El Amin

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Michael Willett as Richard Hunter

Stephen Conrad Moore as Greg Daniels, Jr.

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Released dates for the season:

Season five drops June 2021.

Several episodes:



Bold Type Season Five Updates:

The Bold Type, which tells the story of three friends trying to figure out who they are in a world where women can have it all–or nothing at all–continues its Emmy-nominated journey with season five; exploring themes such as sexuality, womanhood, self-worth and identity issues through relatable moments for our social media-obsessed culture. This season will also feature new faces, including Stephen Conrad Moore (You) as Greg Daniels Jr., Aisha Dee (Famous In Love) returning as Katie Stevens, and Meghann Fahy (UnREAL) reprising her role as Jane Sterling alongside Nikohl Boosheri.

Is it worth watching?

The Bold Type Season Five is worth watching, not only because of its excellent cast and crew but also for the honest representation that it provides.

What can we expect from this season?

We can expect a lot more comedy as well as new faces in the show! The season will be a must-see with an exciting plot twist near the end!

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