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Jesse Plemons To Join Elizabeth Olsen In HBO Max Series “Love and Death”!

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Jesse Plemons has been cast as the lead in the HBO Max series “Love and Death”! The series is a five-episode anthology that will be directed by Rian Johnson, who also did “Looper.” Jesse will play a man named Edgar who falls for an older woman played by Elizabeth Olsen. It’s unclear what the plot of this new show is, but it sounds like Jesse and Elizabeth are sure to have their hands full!

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When I got the call from HBO Max to tell me Jesse had been cast as Edgar, Rian Johnson was on the line. They told me that Jesse and Elizabeth would be playing a man named Edgar who falls for an older woman played by Olsen in this five-episode anthology series. Apparently, it’s unclear what the plot of “Love and Death” will be (I’m not sure either), but we know that Jesse is going to have his hands full with her!

Jesse Plemons in “Love and Death”:

Jesse Plemons has been cast as lead actor in the HBO Max series Love and Death produced by Rian Johnson, which tells about how a young man falls in love with a woman much older than him. The beginning of their tender romance might seem very romantic, but it is not going to end well.


Jesse Plemons will play the role of a club owner and manager with an affection for whiskey who falls in love with Olsen’s character, a woman more than twice his age. The two meet when he helps her find someone she was looking for on Craigslist.

Elizabeth Olsen to Star in HBO Max Series From David E. Kelley - Variety


“Love and Death” comes from Rian Johnson’s idea of how mortality both unites people while pushing them apart. He created the show specifically for HBO Max after receiving freedom to create what he wanted without creative restrictions imposed by other networks such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

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About the show:

Love and Death is a limited series. It will be six episodes long, with each episode lasting about an hour in length. This HBO Max show; should start airing sometime in 2021, but the actual date has not yet been announced to the public.

The Netflix Original Series “Love and Death” stars Elizabeth Olsen as Martha Beckwith; Jesse Plemons plays Ezra; Bonnie Somerville stars as Maggie; Tristan Wilds stars as Paul. The drama follows four people; from different walks of life, which are connected by their shared search for love. Spanning decades against cultural differences, societal pressures. And even time itself.” Love and Death” comes from Rian Johnson’s idea; that mortality both unites.

Love and Death focus on a woman; (played by Elizabeth Olsen), her daughter (played by Maya Hawke), and an American character; played by Jesse Plemons. The main plot of this series revolves around how these three characters journey through life; after death unites them but also pushes them apart.


The director behind Love and Death is Rian Johnson; his other directing credits include the movies Looper, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Brick, and more recently Knives Out that came out at the end of November.

Acclaimed Works of Jesse Plemons:

He is also known for his critically-acclaimed work on Breaking Bad and The Sopranos, as well as creating the hit show Fargo. Jesse Plemons has been seen in Legion, Westworld, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and more recently Bumblebee coming out this December. Known for playing Todd Alquist in Breaking Bad, he will be joining Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Claire Dunne with their shared search for love spanning decades against cultural differences, societal pressures, and even time itself.” Love and Death” comes from Rian Johnson’s idea that mortality both unites.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Love and Death:

When are Love and Death coming out?

What can we expect from Love and Death on HBO Max?


What do Jesse Plemons fans think about this news?

Jesse Plemons: “I am so excited to join the incredible team of talented individuals that Rian has assembled for “Love and Death” in his innovative vision. I absolutely love Elizabeth Olsen as an actor, too.” – Jesse Plemons, June 2019.

Elizabeth Olsen: “We’re all very much looking forward to having Jesse with us for our upcoming show. We are a total fan club here!” – Elizabeth Olsen. Fans on Twitter had similar responses when they heard the announcement!

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