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Evil Dead 4 Finally Returning on HBO! Cast, Spoilers, Plot Details and Official Announcements.

Evil Dead 4

The Evil Dead franchise is coming back to the small screen! The television show has been announced and will be on HBO. It was originally supposed to be a spin-off series, but now it’s getting its own season. This article includes information about the cast and details of what we know so far about this new show.

The new Evil Dead series will be on HBO in 2021 instead of a spin-off series.

So who is in this all-star cast?

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams; Alyssa Sutherland as Mia Winston (Ash’s daughter); Jane Levy as Annie Knowby (Mia’s Sister); Denise Williamson (Olivia Talbot); Lucy Lawless as Ruby Knowby (Annie’s mom). They have also added Jack Plotnick for Lou Diamond Phillips’s role Dr. Roy Knowby.

There is a lot of controversy about this series, with some people saying; it’s too soon after Evil Dead II. And others believing that Bruce Campbell would make the show great. This article has information for those who are either excited or worried; to find out more!



The Evil Dead is a horror franchise created by Sam Raimi, produced and distributed by New Line Cinema. It consists of four films: the original trilogy – The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead II (1987), and Army of Darkness (1992) – as well as a fourth film, Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Evil Dead 4 Movie Hopes Revived By Ash vs Evil Dead


Evil Dead was released in 1981 directed by Sam Raimi. Written with his brother Ivan in mind for protagonist Bruce Campbell’s role of Ash Williams, it became an international cult hit thanks to its mix of black comedy and gore-laden sequences. One night while recouping from work at their family cabin in Tennessee’s remote Elk Mountain National Park area outside Soddy Daisy, they are confronted late one evening when Annie The fourth film is a TV series that aired on STARZ network. The show first aired in 2015 and was renewed for three more seasons which will air every year until 2019.

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The Evil Dead films were each met with much critical acclaim, including the original being regarded by some as one of the best horror movies ever made. At the same time, Army Of Darkness has been deemed “culturally significant” by  the Library of Congress because it’s recognized to be “a uniquely funny and stylized movie.” This means that all four Evil Dead films are now officially preserved forever!

Most Asked Questions about Evil Dead 4:

What is Evil Dead?

Evil Dead is a franchise of American horror movies, comic books, and video games that began in 1981 with The Evil Dead. It has since grown to include two sequels (Evil Dead II and Army Of Darkness), three spin-offs (A Good Day To Die Harder, Book of the Deceived, and Necronomicon: Dawn Of The Living Dread) as well as various other novels, comics, toys and board games based on this material.  The original film was written by Sam Raimi while it’s been directed by him for all four films so far.  It also had many co-writers like Bruce Campbell, who starred in the series, or Scott Spiegel, who only worked.

Evil Dead is a horror movie series that was first created in the 1980s. The original Evil Dead film debuted in 1981, and it introduced audiences to five college students who go on vacation with their professor friend, only for things to take an extremely gruesome turn when they find themselves battling demons summoned by an old book called the “Naturom Demento” or Book of the Dead.”


What happened after Army Of Darkness?

Army of Darkness took place sometime later, where Ash has been living like a king among medieval-type humans but gets pulled back into battle against evil once again! This third instalment featured even gorier special effects and more over-the-top violence than ever before.

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The Evil Dead franchise has been dormant for over a decade now, but that’s about to change very soon. The fourth instalment of the horror series is being revived, and it will air on HBO in 2020! There are few details out there so far, but we do know some things already. It won’t be called “Evil Dead IV” as director Sam Raimi said he’s not making another sequel with Ash Williams anymore because he doesn’t want to beat a dead horse. He wants this movie to stand apart from his previous work with Bruce Campbell too much, which is why they’re calling it Evil Dead (2020). Apparently, the film takes place around two decades after Army of Darkness when Ash is living off the grid.

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