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Dexter Season 9: Release Date, Cast, Plot Details, Spoilers, and Controversies!

Dexter Season 9

It’s been a long time coming, but Dexter Season 9 is finally on the horizon! The final season of this groundbreaking series promises to be as exciting and thrilling as its predecessors. This post will provide you with all of the details about Dexter Season 9, so you can be prepared for the show’s release date in September.

Showtime has confirmed that the final season of Dexter will consist of 12 episodes. It will conclude the show’s run, which has been on the air for more than seven years.

At this point, we know certain aspects about what to expect in Dexter Season Nine, and there are a lot of rumors circulating on the internet about other details for the show’s ending. We have compiled some spoilers below so you can be prepared!

Official Statements through various interviews:

According to reports from Variety, it seems as though Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall) may not be able to avoid being caught by Lt Debra Lundy (Jennifer Carpenter). It sounds like she really wants him dead or alive for his killing spree and will stop at nothing until he is either captured or killed.


In addition, according to IMDB, Dexter’s sister Debra Morgan will be a consultant on the hit show.

Dexter Reboot Is Darker Than The Original, Says Star

Source: Screen

The season is set to start with Dexter dealing with the consequences of his past actions and discovering that he has an unknown son in Lumen Pierce, played by Julia Stiles.

Season 9:

Season nine starts off six months after Lumen was killed at Dorado Bay. “Dexter” returns on September 30th! – Showtime announced it via Twitter; Wednesday morning. All signs point to a bloodbath finale. Michael C Hall hinted to Boston Magazine, back in January, that “You’re not going to want me around much longer.” Added executive producer; Sara Colleton: “He’s heading towards a suicidal depression, so we have him taking more risks than ever before.”

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Dexter will address the departure of Rita and Lila’s death in season eight, as well as his new life with Hannah. – “Dexter is now living a very different kind of life than he had before,” showrunner Scott Buck told The Hollywood Reporter.

“What I think people will be most interested to see are the places this character has yet to go.” Added Michael C Hall: “I can only imagine how much darker it could get for him.”


More details about the final season have been revealed! Check out what Showtime released on their blog:

Does the plot synopsis reveal that Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) may not survive her shooting from LaGuerta at the end of Season Eight? That Dexter (Michael C. Hall) was forced to kill one of his own?

Dexter’s inner circle is rapidly shrinking, and he’ll soon learn that the closer you get to him-the more likely there will be consequences.

“Dexter has always been a show about Dexter trying to balance this sense of normal life with – or as Michael would say ‘fake’ – relationships,” said Buck, “but now it becomes much less so.”

Dexter Season Nine Spoilers:

The finale may not end well for either Rita (Julie Benz), Lila (Jaime Murray), or Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter).


“The final episodes are going to take risks in ways we’ve never taken risks before,” says executive producer Sara Colleton. “We’re going to take Dexter into territory that might be controversial.”

“I don’t want you to feel good; at the end of this season,” continues Colleton. They also wrote and was executive producer on The L Word.

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Dexter’s dark side is set for an all-time high; in Season Nine — which debuts September 30th with a two-hour episode. Thanks largely due to Showtime President David Nevins’ decision not to renew Dexter beyond next year.

“I’m not going to spoil anything,” says Nevins. “But I think Dexter is at a point; where he has his own code about what’s right and wrong. There are shades of grey in the world.”


And it appears that Dexter will be much more susceptible; to outside influences from other people than ever before; with some very important relationships; like Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) and her sister Rita Bennett-Baker (Julie Benz), who just had their first child together — on the line.

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