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28 Days Later Sequel: A Zombie-Based Psychological Thriller

28 Days Later Sequel

28 Days Later Sequel, a zombie-based psychological thriller, is the sequel to the film 28 Days Later. This prequel novel that was written by Danny Boyle and Alex Garland tells us of what happened in those crucial days between the first and second films.

It’s not a secret that the world has been invaded by an unknown virus, turning people into zombie-like creatures. The first film tells us about one man’s struggle to find survivors in London after waking up from a coma following a car accident.

What’s in the movie?

28 Days Later, Sequel is set three years later and follows Selena (a 19-year-old survivor), who wakes up disoriented at what appears to be an abandoned military hospital near Edinburgh. She soon finds herself pursued by hungry zombies as she runs for her survival!

Sheltering inside the building with other survivors, she finally makes contact with other human beings via radio communication just before all hell breaks loose on them, too, in this prequel novel written by Danny by the undead. Twenty-eight days after and the first of a series, Selena must now figure out who she can trust and how to get rescued before it’s too late!


Who are the characters?

Selena (a 19-year-old survivor)

Miles (an American soldier)

Danny Boyle, directed by writer Alex Garland

What’s the storyline of the movie?

The storyline is about protagonist Selena waking up in an abandoned military hospital near Edinburgh after three years and soon finds herself pursued by hungry zombies as she runs for her survival inside the building with other survivors. In this prequel novel written by Danny Boyle directed by writer Alex Garland, Selena is haunted by dreams of a man who has been following her for the past three years. Miles becomes aware that something isn’t right when he sees people moving towards the military base. When he discovers that Selena is inside, he decides to go in and rescue her with a small group of soldiers before it’s too late!


What do I think about this movie?

I love how they made an original story for a zombie-based psychological thriller based on the novel written by Danny Boyle directed by writer Alex Garland. The show is very well done because you get to see all sides of being human: family, fear, hope, courage, and death, which makes you not want to stop watching until the end. Finally, we have another good long-form content series coming out soon after The Walking Dead Season Seven ended, so keep your eyes peeled for more episodes airing every Sunday at 11 pm ET on AMC.

Danny Boyle reveals 'wonderful' idea for new 28 Days Later film with Alex  Garland | The Independent

Source: The


The military base was under siege, and the last of the survivors were on their way out when they discovered a woman in medical robes hiding from them inside. Selena knew that her husband, who had saved her life, would be coming for her son, so she waited at the gate with hope, but as it turned out, fear was stronger than any emotions ever felt before because he never came back. The rest of this story is about what happens to people during an apocalyptic time, like in Danny Boyle’s novel directed by writer Alex Garland, and I think you should watch it! It has action scenes where everyone tries to fight off zombies while there’s still some humanity left deep down within us all. What do I think of the ending? I won’t tell you because of SPOILERS!

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If you are a fan of the zombie genre, then this can be an exciting show to watch. It has quick-paced scenes with suspenseful music that will keep your attention all the way through!

The show is very well done because it provides a full spectrum of human emotions, from family and hopes to fear and death.

All in all, this can be a good zombie novel series to watch while you wait for The Walking Dead Season Eight, which we will have to wait until October 2017!


The story centers around James T. Davis (played by Andrew Lincoln), who has been living alone since the world’s population was decimated 28 days after an infected man issued his bite during international travelboycotted that quarantined their city into two separate camps: one heavily guarded outside the camp with no chance of re-entering the safe zone, where he lives; and another inside camp under military law.

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